My monthly HBD interest claiming day

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2 years ago - 3 minutes read

I decided to claim my HBD interest on the 15th of every month. Today is the day due for the past month. As I'm doing a Hive power up on the 1st of every month, I decided to do this HBD investment and HBD claiming on the 15th of every month. I don't know how this claiming would work out in the month of February because the month has only 28 days. But otherwise, I guess this will be good every month.

I have pushed 100 HBD this month to the savings with the intention to increase my HBD stake as well. I know I can also push a little more HBD to the savings but I decided to keep the remaining for liquidity purposes. If for some reason I need some funds, I wanted to keep a backup and that is one of the reasons why I did not push everything to savings. I initially thought maybe it will be okay to send everything and withdraw it if there is a need but then realized that it will mess up the interest claiming that I do every month.


I pushed 250 HBD today to savings. This transfer activity also claimed the existing HBD interest was close to 9 HBD which is pretty good for 1000 HBD in savings. If we are claiming HBD every month and pushing it back to the savings will give us a little more than the 10% APR that the chain gives us by default.

I wanted to make Hive my first item in my portfolio which is already there. I wanted to keep HBD as the second top investment in my portfolio which is what I'm trying to do now. Right now it is not the case. At this rate, I'm thinking that it can take some more months to see a decent value in my HBD stake if I'm not wrong. Maybe if I do some good projects on Hive and earn a decent income from here, I should be able to have a good HBD stake on Hive. That should be the goal for the future. Let's see how this value looks at the end of next year.

100% power up on these two days

In addition to all these things that I have been doing, I've also planning to do a 100% power up on the posts I make on the 1st of every month and the 15th of every month. This will help in increasing my Hive power a little better. I have a new goal of reaching 27,000 Hive power before the end of the year and if I do things like these, it will be easier for me to reach the goals sooner than I planned.

In addition to these two days, I would also be interested to do a full 100% power up and some more days as well. Mostly 1st week of the month or something of that sort. If I have enough liquidity in hand, I would be happy to do something like that. Paying my bills every month is my only concern and that is the reason why I wanted to do 50 - 50 on my posts. Otherwise, I will be happy to do 100% on all my posts as my intention here is to have a decent stake on Hive and keep it as my good passive income source.

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