Rising Star - 10 pizza boxes are not at all sufficient

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2 years ago - 2 minutes read

Rising star is one of the most interesting games on Hive. Among the games I play on Hive, the Rising star is something where I spend a considerable amount of time.

The game doesn't drink too much of our time. It is enough if we just log in once in a while and initiate missions. There are different strategies in which the game can be played.

People either do bigger missions and utilize their energy or they do shorter missions and look for pizzas. I'm a mixture of both. Whenever I have full energy I straightaway go for bigger missions. If my energy is low and is slowly recovering I prefer going for smaller missions and mostly the ones that give me skills.


But there has been this problem for me that prevailed for a very long time. I keep getting pizza from missions but I couldn't use them efficiently. If I have enough pizza boxes the pizza would be saved in the boxes otherwise it would directly get added to the existing energy. If I already had 80% energy and if I get a new pizza, it would get added to my energy bar making it 100%. This is a kind of a waste for me.

Here is where the need for a Pizza box is crucial. The more box we maintain, the more pizza we can store and use later. I initially started off with 2 pizza boxes. Then I realized that it wasn't enough and I had to increase the number of pizza boxes I was having. I then increased it to 5. Now I have a total of 10 pizza boxes but it is not enough. Most of the time all my pizza boxes are always full.

I keep trying to utilize the Pizza boxes that I have but I always end up having all my Pizza boxes full. I either get a few new pizzas every day or find it hard to deplete the current pizzas. I'm planning to experiment by doing shorter missions so that I can try and see if I can keep at least 5 boxes empty. The same is happening with Coffee cups as well.

How do you manage your Pizza boxes and how many boxes do you have?

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