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2 years ago - 2 minutes read

A few days back I read an article somewhere where someone told me that we should be supporting Hive-related content on Publish0x. I wanted to give it a thought and from yesterday onwards I have started curating posts with the tag "Hive" on them. As the votes on Publish0x is not governed based on any stake or anything, it is good to make use of it.

Everyone is given a chance to curate posts from others a fair number of times. The first vote is always valuable and following that it picks a random value and also a random currency to reward the author. There is also an option available to choose how much you would like to take as curator cut and how much you would like to reward the author. The reward is distributed based on that. There is also a requirement where we cannot curate the same author more than one time in 24 hours and we need a 10 minutes gap between each curation.


It will be a nice thing to support authors on Publish0x who are also part of the Hive ecosystem. That is why I wanted to start doing this. Identifying people who are Hive users is not an easy task. Though I know a few people personally who are regular in posting on Publish0x, I prefer picking them with the help of the "Hive" tag. If you are a Publish0x user and would like to get my support, start using the #hive tag in all your posts. That will help me identify your post.

Even though I pick to curate content with the #hive tag, there is definitely no compromise on the quality of the post. If the quality of the post is good, I will curate them otherwise I will move to the next one. I also wouldn't guarantee that all my votes would go only to the posts with the #hive tag. Sometimes if there are no articles to votes on, I might consider voting other posts as well. This is just a small initiative to support #hive related contents as well as authors who are from the Hive ecosystem.

I would like to request other Hive users as well to do a similar thing so that we can support each other on the Publish0x platform. Let's join hands together to make the curation more meaningful and helpful.

If you are not on Publish0x and would like to join, please feel free to use my Affiliate link below:


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