The death of the $ looking like SA

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A little uplifting music to get your day started. Ok so what's going on today? Well there's a lot of physical crashes on railroads. Strange ain't it? But I'm not into conspiracy theories! Let's just look at the markets. They are surely sound.


Commodities are priced in dollars, and therefore are going much much higher. Now of course nothing goes up in a straight line up. The dollar on a relative strength basis to commodities will continue to fall. Of course the dollar along with every one of it's derivatives (other fiat currencies) will continue to die off the more they are 'printed'.

When fake money is pumped into a fake system you will see fake digits go up! Nothing is going to crash in the market until the pumping stops. I have written about this so many times, but I guess I need to remind myself. Remember these blogs are not just for you, they are also for me.

So we stay the course! We all need real things to survive. Bet against the debt and become your own central bank. Like I have said before not to knock on South America, but North America is going to look a lot like it aside from cold weather in the North. Our governments are behaving the same, and the people will do nothing to stop them. It's obvious to me, but most everybody is asleep at the wheel. Just on the radio they are complaining about how much the city of Toronto is going to be in such a deficit. Soon imagine the riots when government has to cut government. Next year will be the big year I think.

2024 is the year for all sorts of NOT FUN things to manifest in plain sight. They are already here in 2023 but nobody wants to see them. So the dirt is going to get blown away from the holes people have stuck their heads into. Sorry, it's just a fact.

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