Too Small To Not Fail! Kudos to BEARBEAR! GOLD ATH!

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If this were an emergency broadcast, you are at the wrong blog. CASH AND GOLD are the only play at the moment. Yes you could go cryptocurrency and take that $1,000,000 USD BET that #btc will make. @trumpman was unhappy Im not shilling #hive.

As much as Hive is a great hobby chain, it's not showing the same return in old coin daddy #btc.



This chart here should have everyone worried. But most won't worry. Most will just scratch their head and go back to eating their hot dog full of who knows what.


Keep powder DRY and when the rest capitulate you can pounce like a cheetah on a rabbit.


Today however, the bear got this bull. #gold might get the manipulated smack down, but I think China and Russia might just be buying the physical dips. We could be seeing the start of a major bullmarket in gold and it will be multiple years of spring action. This is not to say it's going to be a nail biter in between when it comes to banks failing.

Household delinquent rates are going to go up and up and up!


Not financial advice as the bots might be seeing lines broken. They act as if the hard metal doesn't exist in the ground along with every other physcial commodity. My physical Uranium (yes physical) is taking a huge hit today. Energy might be on a chopping block, but that's just today. I I truly believe energy is going to go very high and having some of this in your portfolio will be a good buy. I know we speculate that energy is needed for a strong consumer market but imagine with all the wars coming..

This is what you might be keeping some of your dry-powder for. I'm done with speculating on shit-coins. I don't believe we are in a bull-market for #btc. In fact I think the Western walls on crypto are slowly squeezing. At least it's in a hard wallet..

None of this should be construed as financial advice. I make speculative plays and write them down for myself and anyone else who may be reading. I don't believe you should be listening to morons who are calling for a $100 HBD.

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