CoinGecko - I've summited a form request to enable Hive tokenomics

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6 months ago - 1 minutes read

CoinGecko added a new dimension to crypto information entitled Tokenomics and currently, this is enabled and prioritized per user's request. With this in mind, I have proceeded and completed the 'Request form' for Hive cryptocurrency in order to display Tokenomics data on it and extend the know-how about this great blockchain and its tokens.


There is already a Tokenomics list on Google Docs, but Hive is not present as it was not requested before. Hopefully, after I have completed the form it will be added to the list and we'll be able to track the progress on it.


And here is the form completed, submitted, and recorded.


Now, let's see it prioritized and have another marketing tool to spread the know-how about Hive when the tokenomics will be added. We all can do our part and help Hive expand everywhere and I think this is just an example of that.

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