New warriors are rising in the splintered and rotten corners of the Splinterlands

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2 years ago - 2 minutes read
Splinterlands is a realm where the most powerful warriors battle on the fields to prove themselves and get the crown of the new world king. Through the splintered and rotten corners of the Splinterlands, each of us is looking for glory and we show ourselves day after day in seek of supreme rewards. While not all the time we'll be successful or get the big prize, we all surely earn glory and spoils as DEC, SPS, and even SPT cryptocurrencies. These are the elements that are powering everything around us and if we don't nurture our armies and keep them fed with winnings, we will be overturned by rising warriors. So we need to be here, we need to keep on fighting the good fight and we will reap the rewards.


I feel in the air the silence before the storm... the DEC rewards slowed down and looking over them at the end of battling through the day, I cannot but wonder if it is all worth it. But if it wasn't would we still be here? And we see there is a daily migration of new warriors as with the old civilizations and all of them are competing for the same rewards in the soil. So it is normal for those to slow down, but in time I believe that their value will increase. The rewards are like gold and as the rush for that increases, it becomes more scarce and more expensive. Just that we have let the time to tell it...


The Chaos Legion is around the corner and is just a pity to slow down now. We need to keep on fighting and growing our armies and stake SPS in order to be able to lead the new armies. These are from another civilization, from another era and they will be more powerful than ever. They have new abilities that will take wars to a new level and new strategies need to be developed in order to be successful. Things get more complex but those that are present and put in the work, will be the biggest winners in the end.


And until that new warriors are coming through the splinter portals and starting on 13th (a lucky day) of September we'll see new warriors joining our armies. Whether they are common, epic, rare or legendary monsters, they will all have the chance to prove themselves on the battlefields. And when thinking that we have just a few days until season end when we will be spoiled with reward cards, we should fight with more energy to make it big. Now is the time for you to be great, now is the time for victory!

Come forge your destiny in the Splinterlands!

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