On the Hive blockchain what you give is what you get

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2 months ago - 2 minutes read

For those that don't know it yet, the Hive blockchain is a unique web3 platform that encourages user engagement and rewards content creators and curators at the same time for their contributions. One of the key features of the Hive blockchain resides in its rewarding system, which allows users to give recognition and support to content that they find valuable or interesting through a leveraged upvote. This is based on the user weight on the governance token $HIVE$0.348, which needs to be staked as $HivePower in order to cast a proportional upvote when curating.


Basically, when you upvote content on the Hive blockchain, you are not only giving recognition to the author, but you are also contributing to the overall value of the content and the Hive ecosystem. This is because the upvoting system on the Hive blockchain is designed to reward both content creators and curators for their contributions using a Hive Daily Reward Pool derived from hardcoded inflation math. This means that the more engagement a piece of content receives, the more valuable it becomes not only for its intrinsic values but also through its crypto rewards associated with it.

In other words, what you give by upvoting on the Hive blockchain has the potential to return to you tenfold in terms of increased visibility, engagement, and rewards. This is because the Hive blockchain uses a unique rewards system that distributes a portion of the platform's inflationary rewards to content creators and curators based on the amount of engagement their content receives. Curate content in the first 24 hours timeframe since a post was created and your casted upvote will go 50% to the content creator and return 50% to you as curation rewards. On top of that the curation rewards might grab some value out of later upvotes, so it is better to curate fresh content.


And what is important in the overall economy of the Hive blockchain is to not be cheap or stingy when casting your upvotes as a big portion of it returns back to you. This is why on the Hive blockchain the idiom "what you give is what you get" is truer than anywhere else. And with it, you build a brand of a curator that distributes fairly his or her upvotes and doesn't have a shady routine. Usually, those trying to trick the system end up losing the most as once your trust fades away, it is quite hard to get it back.

Curating and upvoting others' content also contributes to keeping the Hive blockchain decentralized by distributing fairly the reward pool and making more users wealthy instead of just a few whales. While my upvote now is around $0.30, I have a routine of upvoting ~20 posts a day with 100% and engaging with comments to my content by casting a 50% upvote. Maybe when my vote value will increase I will update my routine, but for now I feel good casting fairly my upvote on new and follower content.

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