Powering Down HIVE is brave and smart and not bad

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2 years ago - 2 minutes read

I've joined the great Hive blockchain and the ecosystem from here since 2017 and I've always powered up all my HIVE earnings from content creation and curation. I've done that and become a Dolphin and I've reached 7,200 Hive Power. While doing so my Voting Power increased and my curation earnings from that did as well. This is the Core of this blockchain and an organic and easy way for users to be incentivized and continue holding to the assets, but gain influence and power in this ecosystem. Still, nowadays we have some thriving projects on Hive where there can be done investments with better returns and as well there are DeFi opportunities on TribalDex and BeeSwap. So I've decided to take brave action to start Powering Down in order to get more liquid HIVE and put them work smarter and with higher yields for me. And doing so is not bad for this ecosystem, but rather putting the funds where the action is.


By Powering Down my Hive Power in the amount of 7,200 HP I will be getting ~554 HIVE released per week that I will be able to invest in hot projects on this great blockchain. Doing so the money will never leave this ecosystem but will help other projects grow and myself get better returns rather than staking and curating.


It was not easy for me to Power Down, but at the same time, I felt there are many opportunities around me that I am missing by not having a liquid Hive. What I could do with Hive? The first that I am thinking is that I could invest a bit in the Splinterlands Chaos Legion packs which when they will sold out their price is doomed to rise. Second I am keeping a close eye on CUB Finance as they will have another IDO launched as well with an airdrop for a brother platform on Polygon. Third I am thinking to move more aggressively as a Liquidity Provider on Hive as there are great incentives and bonuses.


The space is changing and simply growing Hive Power without taking action on the surrounding projects is simply a game that you cannot win. We need to expand and diversify our investments and always seek to improve the returns if we want to grow faster and reach our targets. I've made my decision, I've Powered Down and I am planning my next steps to invest into. What are you doing in all this time and in these market conditions?

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