Splinterlands - Brawls enhancements provide useful additional information

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4 months ago - 2 minutes read

Splinterlands brawls are a way for warriors to group together, follow the same goals, and battle until the last drop of blood on the battlefield. These days it is mandatory to be part of a Guild and take place in Brawls for more fame and rewards by conquering the leaderboard by winning in the battles. And while I usually do my battles, and pay my dues, I don't pay too much attention to the Guilds' information. But that stopped today when I started to explore the provided information and discovered new things.


I would say it is not entirely my fault that I didn't observe the new features added to the Brawls as I believe from UX design the elements could have been individualized better. And I am talking here about the "Pool" and "Brawl Rewards" buttons. There is a lot of cluttered information on the page and one cannot distinguish between the different types of items and thus might easily overlook them. To avoid this I propose that all actionable items be grouped into a "Menu" bar which will individualize and put the spotlight on them more easier. But until that happens, let's see what the newly observed buttons do.


The Pool provides Brawl SPS Pool information related to your Guild and also some additional information for the Brawl SPS allocation based on the tier the Guild finds itself at the moment. This can be a motivating factor to step up and go to a bigger tier, but at the same time, there will be forceful teams at those levels.


The Brawl Rewards shows the potential rewards for the current Brawl which are calculated based on the Tier, Guild buildings levels, and the participation of all enrolled fighters. As the brawl updates continue, so the Brawl rewards are refreshed. In addition to Individual rewards, we can also see Guild rewards in the form of received crowns tokens.

It is clear by now that Guilds is a big thing in the game and anyone wants to participate in the Brawls for the appealing rewards. I am glad to be part of Team Power guilds and pay my dues to them and get on the battlefield whenever I am needed. What about you, are you an active participant in brawls?

Come join the amazing world from Splinterlands!

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