Splinterlands - SPS Rewards for Guilds incentivize strategic wars

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6 months ago - 2 minutes read

Splinterlands mechanics are growing and one of them is the Guild Brawls where warriors are gathering under the same flag and putting their strength together in order to win the war. And as a result of it the guild receives Crowns, a currency that can be used to extend new buildings for better rewards and the players are receiving Merits that can be used to purchase Gladiator packs. The Gladiators can be used only in guild brawls, so they have a specific use case within the game. And while players were joining guilds they would benefit from the perks above while playing the brawls, but at the same time, they would get a bonus of SPS rewards on the individual battles outside the guild.


Starting with the approval of the SPS Governance Proposal - Add SPS Rewards for Guild Brawls based on the community DAO voting, a new incentive was added for players to join guilds as now they would also get SPS rewards out of them. This would result in better profits being on a guild, considering that usually players also need to contribute in each season with an amount of DEC or SPS to support the Guild rise and buy into more game perks. I think this was the missing piece through which those that join a Guild can ensure paying the fees with the SPS rewards and also make a profit on top of that.


I am part of the Team Possible Power guild and while I did not participate in the last brawl, the players that did have individually gained 3,778 Merits and 83.689 staked SPS. At the current SPS market price that would translate into an income of $3.28, while the fee consisting of 1,750 DEC would translate into a cost of $1.19. Thus only from the SPS rewards for participating players, you get a profit of around $2. And for sure the other benefits simply keep on piling on these.

Come join Splinterlands and fight in the Guild Brawls!

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