Astral Entity looks like a winner

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As with most Splinterlands assets before launch, Astral Entity is looking like it is going to be a nice addition to my collection. The artwork is brilliant and all but I like to focus on the battle proficiency of the monster and overall, I think this monster will turn heads in battle.

In keeping with the theme of death Splinter, this monster reduces shield and so, it works quite well against most life monsters that tend to add shield ability. However, just like the Untamed Chanseus, this monster also has the resurrection ability that makes the aforementioned life monster a hit.

Naturally, as a summoner from the death Splinter, Astral Entity has a rather grim lore. Despite being a paranormal creature that seems to just sit and observe, its presence is often a precursor for suffering.

In spite of this, death always seems to follow the Astral Entity’s arrival. Clans and nations go to war. Crops wither, livestock become ill or infertile, and famine ravages the land. Droughts, plagues of locusts, and violent storms bring empires to their knees. And when it’s over, the Astral Entity vanishes without a trace. source

Well, considering all the bad things that happen when this entity is around, perhaps it is safe to say that it doesn't just "observe". My hunch is that the Astral Entity is in fact the very embodiment of what we know as "bad luck".

Estimating the cost


At the time of writing, the cheapest normal foiled Chaos Legion summoner is valued around $19 and the most expensive is around $23. So, it is safe to say that the Astral entity could fall within that range.

A single copy of a normal Chanseus the great is around $45 and with Astral entity having similar features, I figured the price will be closer to the life counterpart. However, considering the difference in their collection power, I think Astral Entity will cost much less than Chanseus.

Another thing that could determine the price of this summoner is the way the community responds to the monster. I've noticed that over the years, there's no set pattern to how people buy monsters.

People could value the Astral Entity based on how badass it looks and not based on its battle proficiency. Also, considering that the crypto market is looking somewhat bullish, it is also not out of the question to think that this asset could start off being overpriced before dropping in value.

The gold foil version will probably fall within the ran$99 and $155 range. I reckon that the resurrection ability will make it quite expensive and we could see it surpass Conqueror Jacek and become the most expensive Chaos Legion Summoner in the game.

At the time of writing, there are roughly 92K packs until the airdrop and regardless of how the market responds to this news, the monster will be released in roughly four days because of the approved proposal to burn 25K packs every day.

You're statistically certain of getting at least one BCX of the normal foiled monster if you bought 650 packs or more. If lady luck is on your side, you could get more.

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