Did you buy the Waka Spiritblade?

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Just as expected, the Waka Spiritblade was sold out in the blink of an eye on SPlinterlands. This is probably the fastest sale of any monster in the game in recent times. I'm pretty sure the sale on Wax blockchain has already ended as well.

The pace of this sale is somewhat monumental, particularly when you consider the fact that each maxed out summoner was sold for 5k SPS and 500 vouchers. I mean, even if you factor in the wicked dump in the price of assets, that is still a pretty steep price to pay.

Well, for what it is worth though, the monster is maxed out from the start, so overall, it is still within range of maxed out legendary monsters. If you check the ranking, it is priced somewhat high up the ladder but again, you have to note that it only comes in a maxed-out format.

I checked the market, and the cheapest you can get a Spiritblade today is about $2400. If we were to divide it into component parts, you'd have to divide 2400 by 11, which is roughly $218 per card.

At $218, it is still an expensive monster but not on par with the more glamorous monsters in the game.

I definitely can't afford to spend $2400 on one monster, so buying it is out of the question. However, I figured that instead of buying, why don't I look into the possibility of renting it.

I rented it

The least rental price is 200 DEC per day, which translates to roughly 61 cents a day. That's also a steep price to pay but the most important thing is that I raise it from battles.

I decided to rent it for 18 days to cover the remaining days of this season and the rest of next season. So, I'll be spending a bit over $11 by the end of this rental.

I like that I'll get the opportunity to experience this monster in battle and feel what th other half feel, even if it's for a fleeting moment. You best believe I'm going to play my ass off to ensure that I recoup the funds spent in renting the monster.

I won't be able to experience the AR features of the monster because I rented it on Hive blockchain. However, that takes nothing away from the fact that I intend to raise at least 200 DEC per day from kicking ass with this monster.

If the experience is worth the stress, I'll rent the monster again and try to start raising funds that I'll use to buy the monster in the future.

If I had a ton of funds just laying somewhere, I'd have probably risked it but since I don't, I'll just raise funds the slow and steady way, the only way I know how to.

Aggressive marketing

I get the feeling that Splinterlands is gearing up for something huge in the near future. I reckon it will be something along the lines of a listing on a huge exchange like Binance.

In any case, the marketing has been on another level and is at levels never seen before on Hive. Splinterlands has set itself apart on the blockchain and is making inroads in the normie society.

As NFTS continue to gain mainstream popularity, Splinterlands' stocks will also grow in the process.

Moves like the recent partnership with Warner Music group, for example, will only aid the cause. Having popular musicians shilling Splinterlands on their pages with millions of followers should have a net positive effect on the popularity of the game.

I like the fact that Splinterlands is focused on building a solid project, rather than just wash trading tokens on exchanges.

Whenever SPS, DEC and maybe even vouchers start getting listings on Binance and the likes, the pumps will be consistent and wholesome, rather than just flash in the pan pumps that a lot of projects tend to get before they disappear.

On top of the promise of making huge gains from my investments, Splinterlands also offers a distraction from all the problems of the world. It is sparse compensation but half bread is better than bombs.

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