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There's so much happening in the crypto industry right now, so if you blink you might miss a beat. The young market is in a perpetual state of evolution and every day becomes a learning experience.

I always try to stay on the right side of knowledge because that could literally be the difference between success and failure.

Due to the crypto industry being so young, there aren't that many schools that offer a structured curriculum learning experience for someone trying to get ahead. This means that experience is the only teacher you have.

Staying in the know enables you to navigate the usually perilous crypto market and that in turn enables you to grow your portfolio.

Crypto jobs

I've enjoyed being self-reliant for the most part of the last three years but I'm also open to taking on crypto jobs.

I've applied for a few and gotten rejected on numerous occasions but I don't think that'll stop me.

One thing about me is that I tend to get bored easily, especially when it's a low-paying job. However, I lose interest when I'm not challenged to take on more responsibility and be part of a growth process.

Ironically, if I'm working for a company that will pay me a decent wage, I'm actually open to taking on monotonous roles.

The beauty about crypto jobs is that as I said, there aren't that many people with structured degrees in crypto-related fields, so the experience is the only teacher.

The problem with crypto jobs is that I still do not known how to present my four years of experience in my resume/CV. To fix this problem, I was thinking I'd just draft my CV in a post and then publish it on my blog.

Anyway, for a very young industry that's only 13 years old, four years is actually a lot of time. I obviously still have a lot more to learn but I also have some to offer.

The crypto space is fast-paced and very competitive and many others have more experience than I have. However, I've been developing my skills in Copywriting and social media stuff to increase my employability.

I don't know how possible it will be but when I move out of Nigeria, my dream is to work for a crypto company, gain experience, and eventually set up my own company as well. Actually, I have dreams of managing a string of businesses.

Fun skills

Back in 2018, I wasn't able to sustain my life with my crypto earnings, so I and my brother started a small business. It was also in that same year that I got my first job in marketing but both decisions turned out to fail.

Since then, I focused even more energy on crypto and developed skills that have helped me grow. These skills I developed through my interaction with you awesome crypto people is the same skill I intend to apply in running my future businesses.

First of all, I've learned how and when to take a profit. I've learned a thing or two about risk and all of that has combined to grow my portfolio over the years.

However, I believe the most important trait I developed over the years is my consistency. It's something that I struggled with throughout my life and thanks to crypto, I finally understand why.

It's simply because I'm having a lot of fun while doing things that I'd normally do for a lot less. For example, in the past couple of weeks, I've been making at least $200 per week from HBD and Hive blogging earnings. In the past, I blogged for money but earned a grand total of zero before joining Hive in 2017.

My dream has always been to paint pictures with words and hopefully leave a mark on the world through them. Hive enabled me to do that, and earn as well. So being consistent hasn't really been difficult, in fact, the hardest part for me is taking a break and I'm still planning on doing it one day.

So thanks to crypto, I've grown a portfolio from zero to a few thousand dollars and a self-sustainable mechanism. I believe that I can do the same to any project, whether outside or inside crypto.


The crypto industry actually prepares you for the challenges of the corporate world without knowing it. yeah, it's a little bit crude and requires fewer KYC regulations and stuff, but it actually has all the elements of industrial life.

For example, the crypto market is unpredictable and has many moving parts. The industry teaches you how to interact and deal with humans, and machines alike.

You manage people, develop social skills, improve communication and invariably interact with a wide array of people/companies spread across the world.

When you think about it, the crypto industry is a crash course in industrial living. The only difference is that you do it on your couch, in your underwear while listening to @theycallmedan's podcast or something.

If you think money is the only thing that you take out of the crypto industry then you're missing the plot. There's just so much in terms of development that comes with the experience and the best part is that all you really need is an open mind.

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