I'm more bullish than bearish

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There are positive signs in the market. If I wasn't so scared of putting my foot down, I'd say that the worst is over and it is time to start looking forward to greater things.

In the past two weeks, the market has slowly recovered from the previous slump. The recovery can't be described with superlatives but it is still recovery.

Despite where the market is right now, there's still a lot more recovery to go. We're still in bearish territory and if what we've experienced so far turns out to be THE bull market, then we might as well start preparing for Bitcoin at $5.

It's highly unlikely that this is the end of the pump though. The signs are saying the contrary, actually.

From all indication, Bitcoin and the market as a whole are testing resistance. Once this threshold is surpassed, we might see prices start to go crazy in the green direction.

Keep in mind that just as everything in the crypto market, this is purely speculative. The charts could say one thing and a different thing happens in reality, that's just how the market behaves.


Since Monday, Hive has hovered around 41 cents. It has been fairly constant at that value and I suspect that we might see hive take off real soon.

Our friends in Korea have been quiet for a while but I reckon they're watching proceedings and waiting for the right moment to pounce.

I expect the next major move to take Hive close to $1 temporarily. The price will, of course, slump slightly afterwards and Hive will then settle around the 70 cents range.

A move like that will certainly have positive repercussions for the Hive ecosystem as a whole. Some of my favourite assets that trade against Hive which include SPS, GLX, Leo and even LVL could see their values spike as well.

In any case, $1 hive is still FUD. I'm here for the big prize, I need money to pay our school fees and what not, so I can't be simping for small pumps.

I'm hinging a lot of hope and responsibility on my Splinterlands assets, by the way. Based on how their market value has reflected the price changes in the market, I feel like a proper pump could see their value rise astronomically as well.

I'm undecided about whether to liquidate or to wait for even more pump. However, one thing I won't do is hesitate to take profit when I'm actually in the green.

Right now, based on how much I've invested in Splinterlands, I'm somewhere in the red zone, so I have to tarry and hope. The signs are positive but I'm not getting ahead of myself.

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