The new ranked battle system will reduce Splinterlands addiction

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2 months ago - 2 minutes read


I've been away from Splinterlands brawls but I'm never away from Splinterlands. At every point in time, I still look out for opportunities that I could take advantage of and I also still have airdrops coming my way.

Other than the airdrops I'm expecting, I also pay attention to all the changes and developments in the game. For example, there's the new mini-game called Soulkeep coming soon and of course, we have the tweak in ranked battles that was actually announced a bit over a week ago.

I opened Splinterlands like I do every day and noticed an energy bar that showed 50/50. This was a result of the change that meant that for every battle you played, one energy bar is drained.

The change was designed to target bot manipulation of the system, as they could easily drain their energy capture rate and just brawl indefinitely. Thanks to this system, finishing your 50 energy bars means you will not be able to brawl until new energy bars are generated.

According to the change in the system, it takes one hour for each energy bar to generate. So, if you've drained all your 50 Energy bars, you have to wait for 50 hours or 2 days and 2 hours to have a full energy bar.

DEC demand to rise?

The good thing is that you don't necessarily have to wait for 50 hours to generate your energy for battle. The change includes a process that allows players to buy energy at the rate of 10 DEC per energy bar.

So, hypothetically, if you blow all your energy bars from ranked battles, you can spend 500 DEC to charge it all back. Although you can also pay with credits, if you choose to, I think DEC will be the preferred payment route due to the price being slightly lower than the peg.

This change could potentially lead to an increase in the demand for DEC but you have to wonder how many people would be willing to actually pay the price. Paying DEC to participate in Splinterlands ranked battles also means that your rewards are going to be worth more than the DEC you're spending.

Now I don't know how things are but I doubt players in lower leagues will be enthused about spending cash regularly to fund their Splinterlands addiction. Speaking of addiction, this change, while attacking bots, will also adversely affect the non-bot players that are just genuinely addicted to the game.

In my glory days, I could blitz through 50 Energy bars in less than one hour and at the current price of DEC, that would mean spending around 40 cents every hour to generate a full energy bar for battle.

At the end of the day, there will always be collateral damage when changes are effected. Tackling bots and giving more priority to regular players has always been a priority but in the long run, this might reduce the level of participation overall.

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