Waiting for a Hive breakout

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2 years ago - 2 minutes read

I don't like focusing entirely on the money because I'm also about the revolution. However, I need to eat, and crypto is my only source of livelihood for now, so there's that.


The price of Hive has been hitting some strong resistance around 0.14-0.16 range, drops to $0.137 and then jumps back up to the aforementioned range.

Analysts believe that this is a sign of a potential break out in price that would probably run-up to previous ATH and then some more.

I can't say for sure if that's the fact but it certainly does make for good reading.

Achieving our previous ATH would be a really nice milestone in the short term while we get on the price discovery train.

The other view

The other view and something that worries me is the potential drop that will occur during the long winter.

This school of thought suggests that if the price of Hive doesn't rise substantially, the impending bear market will be very rough. If you're banking on this school of thought, then you should keep a lot of usdt available for the trade.

Oh well

Whatever the case, you can choose to go either way, depending on your feeling about the market. Stack some hive for the bull run or stack USDT for bearishness. I'm hoping to take advantage of both ends of the spectrum, and raise my Hive holding through the process.

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