Which coins are you watching?

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With the market exhibiting super bearish symptoms, we have various assets trading at unprecedented lows. I've been observing the market throughout this period, taking all the red candles in my stride.

I've also been looking out for opportunities to invest a little capital into all the opportunities on the network. These days, virtually everything is a long way from their all-time highs, so if you play your cards right, you could scoop up assets that could change your life.

I'm all about the long game but I'd hate to miss out on an opportunity that'll improve my lifestyle in the short term. My family has plans for the medium and long term, and a lot of the plans rely on crypto for now.

I also heavily rely on crypto for my income, and even all my savings is in stables. So, I need to ensure that I'm taking advantage of any opportunity that presents itself.

Keep in mind that investing in crypto right now is taking a risk but I don't lead with fear. Anyway, here are some assets that I'm either adding or going to add to my portfolio in the coming weeks/months/years.


It is strange to say this but I hold absolutely zero Bitcoin. I've thought about getting some of it into my wallet but I'm always derailed to investing in altcoin projects.

As the price of Bitcoin hovers in the $19K range, I reckon that this is one of the best buy opportunities I'll ever get. If I get a chance, I'll definitely add Bitcoin to my portfolio.


Another obvious entry to the list is Ethereum and with prices where they are right now, I think getting Ethereum might be a good decision.

I'll be keenly observing Ethereum for the next couple of weeks, to see if there will be another leg down. I can't speculate a decent entry point but for an asset that is tipped to eclipse $5k at least, even $1K doesn't seem so bad.


My plans for Hive are pretty simple; I'll buy it internally with HBD that I earn from publishing. The only problem is that these days, my daily rewards have dramatically reduced but I won't let that stop me.

Given the opportunity, I'll either pull out some HBD from my savings to invest in Hive. All the Hive I buy off the market will be staked for curating and for the future.


Polycub is an exciting and promising project by Leofinance. The project is still quite young and is constantly evolving.

The new governance UI is still in development and I reckon that will have a positive effect on the price of the token. Buying the token before the "governance wars" kicks in on Polycub will be a nice idea.

Which cryptocurrencies will you be observing? Is there any dip that you're keeping your eyes on right now?

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