The Epic Powered Up Whitelisting Event for the Power Project! (Earn a Free NFT!)

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The Epic Powered Up Handshake is a crossed-chain handshake of epic proportions that can only be learned via engagement with Tako on the Hive and Wax blockchains!

Due to the Power generated by this Handshake, Tako has chosen to only share this technique with a select few.

To get whitelisted and learn the Epic Powerd Up Handshake Follow the steps below!

  1. ✅ Friend me on Atomic Hub!

  2. ✅ Leave a comment on this post with you Wax address!

  3. ✅ Claim your NFT using the button below

(Once Whitelisted I'll reply to your comment with the handshake emoji: 🤝)

👉 Add Me As A Friend On Atomic Hub

👉 Create A Wax Wallet

👉 Create A Hive Wallet

Claim Your Free NFT Drop Using the Button Below!

Screenshot (376).png


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