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I have to say sometimes I have no idea where a week goes lol. I'm sure much of it was spent learning and using PolyCub while the rest of the time was spent writing and building. I also found some unique opportunities in some Play2Earn games last week that I jumped on which is now earning me roughly another 30+ wax daily for about 5 minutes of play time so happy about that.

Things I didn't Get Done

  • One of my goals last week was to build a page on my site CryptoChroma.io that would house all of the things Hive offers such as DeFi, Play2Earn, Communities and more. However I just didn't get time for that so I'm going to attempt that this week.

Things I Want To Accomplish This Week

  • If CUB prices stay at these levels I believe most of my time and effort is going to go into stacking CUB this week. That means resources from other areas will be diverted to it. So that new 30+ wax a day from that game which is only about $8 daily will divert to it, hive earnings and I was going to push some LEO into PolyCub but I ended up making the decision to power it up instead.

The Goals


|Goal: 100,000|Current 73,336.469|Needed 91 daily| |-|-|-|

Hive's not moving as fast as I would like it just feels like payouts there are slowing down instead of increasing over time. Some of that could have been because of the amount I was starting to delegate which means less curation hive rewards for me. I did put 10k hive more into LEOvoter which is now producing a pretty sizeable LEO payout each day. I'm making a move at the moment of another 10k hive that is undelegating from Pizza and I'm either going to keep it on hive to earn more curation since that has been slipping or push it to LEO to help me push towards that 75k goal there faster.


That yellow blip is a powerup I ended up doing so I don't have much in the terms of liquid hive. Some of these other assets within hive are going to start being sold for hive and powered up this week. I'm thinking about stacking them all till Friday and doing a big powerup at the end of the week to really see what I'm earning in other areas when it comes to hive. Should be an interesting little project/goal.


|Goal: 75,000|Current 42,748.03|Needed 110 daily| |-|-|-|

LEO is kind of all over the place for me. I'm back and forth on staking it or pushing it into CUB or PolyCub at the moment. I think however I'm going to mainly focus on getting to that 75k staked asap still and not so much into the DeFi pools.


I decided to include this as it's own because it's where I house many assets at the moment.

Core focus here as always is to hit that 1 million SPS asap. It's a while away still but each day I am pushing great strides to it. Especially now that it's under $0.12 each.

Besides that my even higher priority goal at the moment is to max out my Chaos deck and start stacking packs.

A big focus this week and next will be maxing out my Chaos deck using PeakMonsters so we are as prepared as possible for the PKM airdrop. I'm not sure what will really come of it however if I'm going to be buying cards anyways I mid as well get some airdrop to go with it!


|Goal: NA|Current 3,989|Needed NA daily| |-|-|-|

This is a new one for me however I am getting heavily involved in crypto games and building that all out. I'd love to see ONEUP build more games on top of the Hive blockchain instead of others so hopefully that comes here in the near future. For now though they do have a number of projects going on and the OneUp token and community are a way for everyone to interact and be exposed to Hive by writing about the games they enjoy. I don't have a target on this one pretty much everything earned for now is going into liquidity pools or staked for curation to reward others who are using the platform.


|Goal: 10,000|Current 3,000|Needed 23 daily| |-|-|-|

I ran into pizza not that long ago and I have to say they have a lot of good things going for them. A very fun and active community that is primarily into gaming and of course PIZZA! 10k is the goal right now and while I need 23 a day to hit it by the end of the year this is another one I am currently on the fast track towards.

Pizza is one of those tokens that does many things. It can be used in liquidity pools for some rather decent APRs at the moment. They also are somewhat teamed up with OneUp which I feel makes it a good fit. You also get 12% APR on staked tokens

While I'm making sizable strides in many of these places it does feel like I might have too much going on and need to consolidate a bit. Something I don't really want to do however lol as I love all of these projects and see the potential in them all.

There's not much going on this week however next week things are going to start getting a little crazy again. With the airdrop of PKM and 3SPK tokens as well as maybe Ragnarok as I know their snapshot is the same as 3SPK. The ongoing airdrop for PolyCub and CUB prices being a great pickup I believe it's going to get busy fast. This week will primarily be putting in the work and building those assets to be as ready as possible for what is to come.

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