How To Grow Fat Stacks of LEO

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This post is all about LEO and how to grow some seriously fat stacks of it quickly. One of the coolest things about the LEO token is all of the ways to now earn it as well as use it! At the time of writing this I'm #23 if you skip all the default accounts such as wrapped leo, pleo,bleo, null etc accounts.

Posting, Commenting and Being Active

One of the easiest but yes time intensive ways to grow your initial stack of LEO is to provide quality by writing quality Finance related articles on LeoFinance.io and by leaving valuable feedback on others posts. After 7 days of that comment or post if it got any type of vote from the community you'll earn yourself liquid LEO tokens on LeoDex.io you can then trade these tokens or stake them. Staking them moves us into part two of this of being active on LeoFinance.io


Curating is the art of searching and reading others posts on LeoFinance.io and providing a upvote to the ones you feel bring value to the ecosystem. As others vote on this content it builds a curation reward of which you will be paid out in LEO after 7 days. This staked LEO will also have other benefits which I go over in the coming soon section.


CubDefi Cub was the first DeFi platform launched by LeoFinance and it's on the Binance blockchain. You can add Binance and bLEO to earn CUB which could be converted into bLEO. Any Farm or kindgom within this defi system would be a powerful way to build revenue to buy more bLEO which can then be converted into LEO to use on the Hive blockchain.

PolyCub PolyCub is the 2nd addition of the DeFi platforms for the LeoFinance community. It introduces a number of new aspects to DeFi and also has some of the same functions. Polycub runs on the Polygon blockchain and can wrap the LEO token as pLEO which also means you can trade in other cryptos including PolyCub and convert it into the LEO token.

Hive Liquidity Pools

Hive introduce liquidity pools a few months ago which allows for the swapping of hive and layer 2 tokens quickly with a small fee. This fee including rewards is paid back to liquidity providers.

LEO toke currently has two such rewards pools and they are Swap.Hive:LEO CENT:LEO

Swap.Hive:LEO pool only pays out a BXT token which is a staking token for BeeSwap it provides rewards in the form of the Hive token each day based on how many you have staked compared to others.

CENT:LEO however currently provides a few other tokens for staking the liquidity there including a bit of LEO.

Coming Soon

Ad Revenue APR - Soon the ad revenue earned by LeoFinance.io through all of the traffic it gets will be paid out to stake holders in the form of LEO tokens.

Other DeFi pools - It is only expected and not yet confirmed that LEO will be launching other DeFi pools for other blockchains. Speculation for this puts it for possibly AVA but it's unknown still what will be next.


There are two miner tokens on Hive which mine a little LEO every day those are tokens on LeoDex.io called LEOM and LEOMM MM miners mine at 4x the rate of M miners.

Provide @leo.voter with a delegation of hive and earn 16%APR converted daily into LEO tokens.


Combining all or some of these methods is a great way to build stacks of LEO quickly.

Know of other ways to earn LEO? Drop it in the comments below and I'll get this post updated.

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