New Splinterlands Reward Cards Investment Strategy

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Splinterlands actually has a lot going for it in terms of what is still to come. Today we get new rewards cards but later we get Chaos packs, some new packs as well to replace the DICE packs (unsure of the name of those still) and the activation of land which will add in many new aspects to the game.

With each new aspect of the game releasing it creates new hype and new buy pressure on cards, dec, SPS and other assets within the game.

The New Reward Cards

There are a total of 21 new reward cards to be collected and help build your deck to achieve greater glory in your guild and within your ranked battles.

I was lucky enough to land a few of the new reward cards myself including a EPIC called Uraeus which I'm still trying to figure out the chart as it seems to be missing the exact number of how many will be printed. (Suggestion to creator of this would be to add in how many total will be minted) Instead you have to do some backwards math and take the number currently printed with the % value printed and show how figure out what that total number would be. That's above my pay grade at the moment lol *Per the keeping track of what remains section below. sptcards.jpg

Keeping Track Of What Remains

I ran into this site a bit ago which shows the amount of reward cards currently printed, a good estimate of their current selling price and also how many total there are to be collected.


Keeping track of what remains might end up helping you later on as the print becomes 50% or more. It will help to determine if you should be buying some of the cards in order to max that card out in level making it into a very powerful card.

My Investment For Reward Cards

Right now I'm personally holding on to any cards that are above common and selling the common. Right now common cards are selling for close to $1 which most likely wont happen for all that much longer with a large print happening tomorrow from the season ending rewards.

To me this is a good time to take a little profit and return in about a week or two and buy them back at half price or better. Of course that's risk and speculation but the print value on these cards are high (because there are far more players now) the other thing is looking at existing older reward cards and seeing that for the most part they sell for $0.20 or less. At those rates that means a common card sold today could possibly be 5 common cards in a few weeks.

*This article is for entertainment purposes and is not investment advice. Do your own research and take responsibility for your own actions.

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