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Too generalized and grouping people together. Just because someone is a liberal or because someone cares about another country all of a sudden doesn't mean anything besides they are human. To also think that they didn't have opinions and care about other wars we have been in as well is general and blind. Are you trying to say simply no one should ever care?

The real issue is we don't care enough in terms of just treating other people no matter if they are Russian or Ukraine or USA or China or Japan or any country or any nationality with respect and general kindness. The fact of the matter is people just need to start treating each other better and also be more information which is something crypto has more of a capability of doing than our current government structure. A big issue with that war right now is disinformation on BOTH sides, a short sightedness on BOTH sides and blaming others while others follow blindly and don't understand why they are doing the things they do. I'm sure there is backing from Nato, UN, USA etc and I can understand that a country mostly in poverty that's told their way of sucky living and hard times is to be blamed on another so called "people" It's the same freakin mistakes the world continues to make over and over again but at least some steps have been taken to help negate some of that.

Unfortantlly for some reason people continue to judge and tear each other down and create divides over dumb things. It's utterly ridiculous though that a full out war is happening in this day and age with how available information is and I believe that's the real issue the LACK of information and being able to do your own research and make your own decisions.

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