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2 years ago - 1 minutes read

So the kicker I get 10k for joining lol and I guess you get 5k from me? Joined up under ya on Bitcoinflood. If they actually pay you that will be a nice little chunk change.

The thing with faucets. They are complete crap when the price is high like now. They are however awesome when the price is/or was low. $10 a year ago would now be roughly $43

I also took a look at my crypto browser earnings the other day you know that thing you can mine with you CPU. I use to run it for fun 2-3 years ago. I go look at the value now its $550 worth mined from a CPU browser lol.

I guess that's to say if you feel bitcoin is really going to $100,000 the few cents to a few bucks you earn could start adding up if bitcoin gets priced that high.

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