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These posts are to keep me on track as there's a ton of shinny objects in the world of crypto. While some pull me in still having these goals set help me in focusing down and achieving them. I'm happy to report in this post I made a huge jump in the milestones and it's all thanks to NFT gaming. Pretty crazy I know so let's jump into it!

*Disclaimer: This article is for entertainment purposes only and not financial advice. I do this article once a week not only to keep me on track but to show others of new opportunities I found and to inspire and show what is possible with commitment of time, resources and assets. Always do your own research before investing and take responsibility for your own actions.


I have to start this goal article with Splinterlands. I know everyone under the sun is talking about it but the sheer amount of wealth it's created for me and I'm sure others is just staggering. I believe we are only getting started though as new packs will soon drop, new reward cards on Monday and later land! There's much to this game and still much more to come all of which are hype points for the game.

At the moment my only goal in this game is to stack and stack like crazy both DEC and SPS. Why? DEC gives me value on the account which gives me more SPS but more importantly it will be used to help buy new chaos packs when they drop. That's not it though with the new Chaos pack drops rumor has it you'll need staked SPS and vouchers in order to be among the first. To me that's a good reason to get a solid base in now of both of these cryptos.


I haven't done much on the front of Hive in terms of accumulation besides payouts from posts. Any payouts from posts are instantly added to the hive powered up pool and any HBD I'm for now putting in the savings and earning 10% on it.

I'm not sure what the goal here is yet. It would be pretty awesome to have 10,000+HBD earning me 10% a year but I'm not sure if that's the best use of it as I could put it into DeFi and 8x those numbers. However there is a much greater risk compared to leaving it in HBD so for now it's going there. The goal is still 100,000 Hive by end of year and while it might not seem like I'm on track to that and falling behind I'm actully building up other passive revenue streams which will feed into the buying of hive like crazy late in the year (November - December) which is when I'll go hard to hitting that 100,000 goal.


I love LEO and CUB it's a tribe I believe in but there's for sure a low amount of volume and interaction happening right now for whatever reason. I feel like articles on there are normally of higher value and quality before they get upvoted and most people are just straight up lazy or perhaps they are not being discovered.

In any case I feel like LEO needs a good hype bump on it either from CUB / the price of LEO or Project Blank air drop and launch before prices start to spike again. For now that means a good opportunity in my opinion to stack.

That means all payouts of LEO get powered up and even some gets bought off the market. I was at one point converting it into CUB bleo but I stopped doing that and instead now use an outside source to get Binance and then use CUB exchange to make the swap into CUB.

I've also recently changed this however and started buying CAKE and powering that up in the Kingdom. I have a rather aggressive goal with that as it not only earns me cake but it also earns me CUB. This aggressive goal is actually being funded from NFT games primarily on the wax block chain. Yeah.... Freakin crazy I know lol But I legit sold a axe and a fishing rod for a game for over $1,000 and picked up a bunch of CAKE. This now puts me at around 20% of my goal so I'll be ramping things up as I want to hit this goal even before the end of this year.

A big part of what I'm doing is building passive stackable income right now in crypto. While I put some work in on the front end the back end where I then place it is generating massive revenue. This includes things like SPS from Splinterlands currently paying out a 120% APR and CUB which pays out around 70%+ APR.

Other Tribes

I'll be honest I haven't done too much with the other tribes. I haven't seen all that much action out of them so I've simply been stacking a few of those and selling off the rest for Hive. CTP recently did an upgrade to the outpost system so that's good to see some action there again which I'll be stacking up on a bit more. Might even pick up more miners as the price of those seem to be a little lower.

PAL for some reason I feel stopped paying miner rewards for whatever reason?

Overall though I have a new very aggressive goal which I plan on hopefully searching end of October or before.

Hope this article helps some of you wondering or gives you some ideas as to what's possible with some work, time and asset accumulation. If you have any questions please feel free to ask in the comments.

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