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I was going to change this weekly article into a what's new with hive and cover everything new for the week. However this weeks been dead lol there's legit nothing new that I even have to report on and I have a feeling that very well could be the case for at least the next few months as this bear market just keeps getting worse.

I'll admit even myself someone who is always positive on crypto etc is starting to feel the pressure and getting a little down at times. However I understand that if I'm feeling that then the bulk of people are and almost always these are the times to do the opposite of everyone else and that means keeping the pace if not being even more active.

I also wrote a post yesterday on why I think the LEO token might be the single best bet of 2023. You can read that here LEO Might Be The Best Crypto Bet of 2023

This week instead let's jump back into the goals and see where we are at. Keep in mind there is a 14 day spread this time and not a week as there was before.


Days Left In The Year: 13


|Goal: 100,000|Current: 85,556.337|Needed: 1,111.05/daily| |-|-|-|

Overall I've been stacking hive at a much faster rate. However month over month hive has continued to lose $0.10 or worse in it's price. There's been zero upward trends and instead a massive sell off that seems to happen. At this rate I could see hive sub $0.20 in Q1 of 2023 if the markets don't turn around. That means you could get your hands once again on some very cheap hive.

On average I stacked about 84 hive a day which is nearly double what I was doing before. However the HBD payouts on those posts are pretty much non existent because of the low price of hive right now. There was a time during the bull market where making $25+ per post was possible now it barely makes $10. Is that me complaining? Nope just stating the facts. That's why stacking HBD even though it has a high 20% APR is extremely difficult right now as the emissions are low while hive emissions are rather high.

There seems to be less accounts being made, less activity and less everything which is understandable in the markets we are currently in. However that doesn't mean we can't still work on things and try to rally and bull market ourselves in this bear market. Before it was easy it didn't matter what you did you made money hand over fist. Now is when the rubber meets the road and some real grunt work and good business planning is what's going to keep your project alive and thrive.

This chart is of the last 7 days not 14 7days.jpg *Stats pulled from HiveStats.io


|Goal: 75,000|Current: Crushed It |Needed: 0/daily| |-|-|-|

Right now my LEO power is a little weird because of delegations out to winners of the LPUD so it's too much work to calculate it all. However big news is we hit that 75,000 LEO I have myself and are pushing past that plus the delegations coming in on top of that are a huge plus that just keeps adding up.

I'm simply stacking and waiting now for the new UI and then to hammer this thing in the new year for onboarding people to threads. I think this is the one project that has real wealth power behind it and could increase the value of LEO and also Hive the blockchain it runs on. Also I'm just relieved after two years it's finally coming out lol


I'm a bit surprised that SPS is so low right now and honestly I'm thinking about just transferring in FIAT now and buying up a million SPS as the price is stupid low. It makes me think back to the last bear market that Splinterlands was in a few years ago. Prices were low and not much action however when that pull market kicked in asset value mooned to pretty much 50x I would say. Sure prices are down but compared to the last bear market where Splinterlands was my asset value is still about 6x 10x in value.

I'm excited for land but I know it wont be super popular during the bear market. However it does give splinterlands a way to generate more fee income etc. So yes while prices are down in general they are up from where they were during the last bear market and that's a positive signal for me for a long term hold. My hopes are also that the 5% fee collected by splinterlands gets split up a bit such as 1% being returned back into the value of SPS which will help produce the value of holding on to SPS and using it. It doesn't sound like much but right now from the non card market Splinterlands is earning about $300 daily from that. That's not including transactions on Wax etc so there's for sure revenue being generated during this bear market by the game. Take into account the bull market we saw land sell for about $700,000 I saw on wax which would have been a $35,000 payday for Splinterlands if they sold that wax right away. It goes to show you with enough transactions happening on swaps, nft exchanges and the non card market it can start to seriously add up and I believe at least 1% of that 5% or on top of the 5% needs to happen soon IMO.

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