Why SPS Is So Under Valued

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SPS Or Splintershards is the governance token of the crypto game called Splinterlands which is a card collecting and auto battler at the moment which will be soon be changing to some turn based mechanism to change it up a bit.

Since the release of SPS we have see all time highs during the bull market at just a touch over $0.80 to it's now all time low of $0.041


This is starting to discourage a lot of players and it's understandable. Splinterlands once created riches and now it creates a few bucks or pennies for players. However it's still a solid game and it's still a game in which you can continue to earn assets by playing and investing.

One thing to understand is the air dropped and earning of SPS was not all released at one time. Instead it's been progressed over time and still not all of the ways are out. One of the last remaining is SPS for Guild battles and later will be Land. This has caused a constant high inflation of SPS since it's release but soon come mid 2023 that will all change because at that point most likely all SPS faucets will have been turned on. Many of these reduce at 1% per month so the print value will continue to fall. We just aren't there yet and to me that makes right now the near lowest of the lows to grab up as much SPS as you can for these prices.

What SPS Gets You Now

SPS Continues to develop into new areas of what it's used for. At the moment sps is used for a number of things in game and will further expand and land is released and other features. Let's take a look at what we currently get.

SPS Governance

By holding SPS you get to cast a vote on proposals and soon you'll be able to pay a fee and put up your own proposal for others to vote on. Don't underestimate these votes. These are big changes happening to the game and with SPS you get to sway the vote however you like. This is a powerful value stake in itself.

The Shop

There are certain things in the shop that can only be bought with SPS. In fact recent governance votes confirmed that things like Licenses will remain only to be bought with SPS. Rift watchers are unique packs as well that can only be bought with SPS with a total price tag of $5 each or at the time of writing this a massive 116 SPS needed to be able to buy a single pack.


Vouchers are an "extra" I would say to the game and are often used for early access into pack buys for unique air dropped cards. They are also used for promo cards but rolling forward it seems like the general feeling is to give them about a $1 value each as a way to cash them in and get reduced rates on cards. For example 500 vouchers can be used on the upcoming LUX Vega card which is a neutral summoner many have been waiting for. The original price is 1 million DEC or $1,000 but with 500 vouchers you can knock of a huge $500 from the price tag bringing you down to just $500 or 500,000 DEC. So you can see what a huge savings or market sell value vouchers can have for you.


Yep everyone's favorite for some reason lol airdrops are always a highly sought after thing in the crypto world. Personally I'm not sure why but hey in this case for me it's just an added bonus and I believe Splinterlands is doing it in such a way that actully provides value to those tokens so it's not some junk airdrop you try and dump right away.

Splinterlands team is expanding into other games and other areas. The first of these is what is called Genesis League Sports and the first game is Genesis League Goals which is centered around football/soccer. Once of the largest sporting events around the world. It's also partnered up with the players and has full rights to build something great with them. It's going to be interesting to see the response on this first game when it launches but for now SPS earns you a airdrop token called GLX. This GLX token is the governance token of not only Genesis League Goals but for every game that comes out under the Genesis League Sports umbrella (at least from my understanding)

GLX can now be staked as well which earns you more GLX tokens and also another token called GLGT. Take about the compounding effect of the SPS token and it's selling at just $0.041 at the moment! You can bet ya that I'll be staking even faster now that the prices are down.

*This article is for entertainment purposes only and is not financial advice.

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