Arbitrage 101

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Now let’s start Am sure most of you have gotten some knowledge about arbitrage and most might be new to it

Now let me explain what arbitrage really means

Arbitrage is the means of taking advantage of the price difference and making profit out of it

Now let me give you more insight

The crypto currency’s we’re buying are from some companies and they all are selling it in bank rates but due to the fact that we’re restricted, or we don’t know how it’s been done most of us go and buy this coin in black markets which is refer to P2P ( peer to peer) where you send money to someone and they send you Coins

So that’s a black market and not in bank rates, And let me ask, have you ever asked yourself where this people get the coin and sell for you at a rate that’s sweet a little and you’ll be very sure they’ll also want to gain one or two so that’s where arbitrage comes in

Because this people who are selling this coin for you in P2P are getting this coin in the bank rates and are reselling them to you


How do they get this done and how can you make money out of it ?

There’re list of cards that can be used and list of site that this cards works on and the card you’re using has limit to what amount of coin it can buy, So now I’ll give more insight and info on how to go about the coin card and sites now

First and foremost if you are a newbie you’ll be needing this listed below to start cos people in the lane would have them already.


You’ll also need Bvn for reviving of codes And SIM cards for opening of banks minimum of 2 and maximum of 3 sim

Am sure you know what the voters card and other are used for except for the sim

For one zenith bank it’s $100 limit that is, you can get coin worth of $100 just for one month and that’s all for the month till the next month and the gain is just 8k when rate is good and 5k minimum when rate is bad


That is why you need multiple accounts, and that is where the Sim cards get in!!!

And taking this is nothing, because it is a lot when we have lot of stuffs to do with cash so we need more banks and that will give us more account!!!

Thanks for reading