Arbitrage 102

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Hello to my great writers and readers of hiver

Today I'm going to continue with my last Airbitrag 101 post and I hope you take your time to read and understand this process. There is literally nothing too hard here.

Note: I'm no where a financial advisor📌

So let's get started

By following the last post procedure, you’ll be realizing nothing less than 200k per month and if you’re wise enough you’ll be into another things such has side splits hustle, So imagine you having 200k plus and saving like 100k and using 100k for your business bro/sis you’re a millionaire

oya let’s get the real deal done

You have 12 zenith bank card due to the fact that zenith has limit of $100 and most people don’t know you can open multiple account in your name but different acct cos they don’t do background check.

And per sim you’re eligible to open just 4 acct and you’re having 3 sim let’s calculate it

8000*12 = 96000 and you have other banks card that has $200 and $300 limits which I’ll disclose very soon

8000*$200= 16,000 8000*$300= 24,000

And you now have third party acct like 5 3($300 card limit) and 2( $200 card limit) =73,000+32,000

Now the total amount to:. 96,000+40,000+73,000+32,000= 241,000

It’s that impressive

Now enough talk how do we start and go about this and make move for the better


First let’s create an account

Creation of the account is pretty simple but it’s like some niggas are now going to banks to complain that’s their banks are having issues and stuff like that, and CS will ask what they need the acct for they’ll start blabbing and saying shit so they blocked the creation of acct which make its limited to just one, but due to the fact that we’re youth and we go extra miles to get into what we want, we know how to go about this

If you want to create a bank in zenith ussd just use 9660# and follow the prompt, And after creation you may face a challenge of trying to create another one, You’ll get a message like you currently don’t have access to this service, contact your bank please for further assistance on your account opening, thank you.

And after this process you’ll need to visit different zenith branch and get your card that’s all and if you’re going to the bank pls go with your nepa bill, NIN (national ID card) or voters card or passport with a passport photograph

You’ll just tell the security of the bank that you’re here for account opening you’ll go in straight and no one will barricade you. The account officer might ask where you got the act num just tell them you open with USSD and that’s all and they’ll process your card and better still you’ll get your card that day master card and before opening with them, ask if they have master card else go out don’t waste your time

Thanks for reading