Punks have come to Hive!

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The last few weeks I have been working on Punks on Hive for HiveFest.

I am really excited to announce Punks On Hive to everyone.

Almost every blockchain has a Crypto Punks clone, and now Hive does too.

Just doing whatever one did is not acceptable to me, I always have to do it better, and I believe I have.

Punks on Hive is the first generative NFT project that I know of that has a verifiably fair on the fly generation system.

What does that mean?

Most generative NFT projects create all the NFTs before the first one is minted then hand them out in a smart contract. No NFT project I know of continously calculates rarity based on newly minted NFTs.

Punks on Hive not only generates on the fly when you mint a Punk, each Punk can be verified against your transaction details. This is another first in the generative NFT space as far as I know™.

A public repo will be available to verify what Punks you should receive based on the transaction ID of your mint.

How many Punks are available?

Like the original Crypto Punks, there will be 10,000 Punks total. Unlike the original Punks, I will not reserve any for the team. All 10,000 Punks are available to the community.

How are these Punks verifiable?

All code to generate random attributes for each Punk will be public and the seed to the randomize functions is based on your transaction data that cannot be manipulated.

What is Real-Time Rarity?

Real-Time Rarity is a phrase I coined that represents the fact every single Punk and attribute rarity is re-calculated every time a new Punk is minted. This is a very complex process that factors in every existing Punk and their attributes and re-calculates how rare each Punk is. I have never seen a system do anything close to what ours does.

How much are Hive Punks?

I spent a lot of thought in deciding on a price for Hive Punks. On one hand, you want to price them high enough that there is a reasonable floor to the market. On the other hand I wanted them cheap enough everyone can get some and feel like they have a good size collection.

That being said, I decided on 25 Hive per Punk, with a limited time price of 20 Hive during throughout Hivefest. Out of everyone I asked about pricing, this was on the lower side of the feedback.

When will Punks on Hive be available?

I want to open the doors prior to Hivefest, the exact time has yet to be determined.

How are Hive Punks different than the original Crypto Punks?

  • Hive Punks are on Hive
  • Generated on the fly
  • Real-Time Rarity
  • Unique Attributes and Accessories
  • Have names and professions!
  • Don't have a minimum price tag of $350,000.

Is there a market for Hive Punks?

Yes! All Punks can be bought and sold on the internal market. Punks on Hive will be integrated with third party markets as well to be announced soon.


Catch @themarkymark's presentation at Hivefest to learn more of the technology behind Punks on Hive.

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