The Financial Side - Traveling Further Into Splinterlands

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It has been quite a long time since I've been buying new Splinterlands cards on the market. I recently decided to put in some extra HIVE and check what was up.

Since the Chaos Legion set is now sold out I thought it would be a good time to invest in some of those and Legendary monsters were the ones I was looking for. I eventually ended up buying Fungus Fiend, Corpse Fiend, Runemancer Atuat, and River Hellondale.

All great monsters to use in battles but what got me really excited was my exploration into the financial depths of the game. Let's take a look at some of my discoveries!

Flipping Cards

I had my River Hellondale which I had bought for $5.24 on sale for $6.20 when last evening to my shock someone put a bunch of those for sale at a price of $4.61! Well, I thought about it for a second and decided to buy myself another one(should have bought more!) and rent the other one out.

This morning all the cheap Hellondale cards were gone and the price was back up at $5.8. I put one card on the market at a price of $5.79 and it was sold within an hour.

In DEC I paid 6,192 for it and got 7,198(after the 376 DEC fee). So I made a pretty nice 1000 DEC profit within 12 hours!

It's quite interesting to try to figure out the price development of a certain card and what factors are affecting it. I've narrowed my focus to Legendary monsters to make it easier to monitor the prices. Before trading River, I flipped a couple of other ones too:

  • Runemancer Atuat - bought 6,090 DEC, sold 7,750 DEC
  • Fungus Fiend - bought 5,324 DEC, sold 6,725 DEC

Note that there is a 5% market fee which is about 300 - 400 DEC in these cases so when that is deducted the profit for each one is roughly 1000 DEC.


Flipping cards like this is a long play and if the price of a card goes the other direction than desired, I'll just use it in the game or rent it out.

To keep up with my trading history I use Peakmonsters seen in the picture above and to monitor the price history of a certain card I use Splintercards and their List Price Analysis -feature.


If you know of some other tools, let me know!

Renting Out

I have been renting out my cards before but now I've discovered things have gone a little bit trickier since now there seems to be a 1 DEC renting fee implemented. This obviously prevents renting out cards under 1 DEC and also makes me wonder if it's worth doing with if the price is just above that 1 DEC.

I've learned there is a service called Splex.GG that helps you to optimize the rent price so that it will get rented out and you don't have to spend time adjusting the price. Since I'm just back in the renting game and currently have only two cards worth renting I'm doing it the manual way.

I'm renting River Hellondale for the price of 7.350 and Corpse Fiend for the price of 5.180. Both of them are currently rented out even though the prices might be a little too high if comparing them to other rentals. Still, somehow they keep getting rented out!

One thing I've noticed is that the renting price of Fiends is relatively high which tells me there is demand for those and to think of it, I usually rent a Fiend of a certain Splinter if I don't own it.

Investing in Fiends and kinda "farming" them would be a pretty good idea if the rent prices were a little bit higher. They are quite cheap to buy at the moment and could "earn interest" by being rented out while waiting for their value to increase.

One can never have enough Fiends!

Jumping Into A Pool

Now, this got me a bit confused at first. On Splinterlands there can be found many different liquidity pools on three chains(BSC, ETH, and HIVE). I was interested in adding to DEC-SPS and to my surprise I discovered that there's also an SPS-DEC pool showing on the Splinterlands interface.


The Manage Liquidity button took me to Tribadex where I could find only the DEC-SPS pool and after adding some liquidity I learned that these two are obviously the same pool. I wonder why it's split in two though?

Nevertheless, I'm now happily earning SPS as a reward and also small portions of DEC & SPS as fee rewards that can be seen on Tribaldex.

One thing to consider using pools is of course impermanent loss. Since the split of both tokens has to be 50/50 it keeps rebalancing to maintain that ratio. In other words, the amount of DEC might increase while the amount of SPS is decreasing - all depending on which one is going up or down.

Staking SPS

When adding liquidity to a pool I also bought some SPS with a single staking in my mind. The APR for staking SPS is currently 23.56% including Voucher rewards as well.

I've been monitoring the declining SPS price for a while looking for a good time to make a buy. Before today I've been investing any spare HIVE into Genesis League Goals GLX token mostly because of the very juicy APR but also because it's a native token of an upcoming game I have faith in.


Still, by looking at the SPS chart I thought this was a great time to stop neglecting it. In addition to voting rights and staking rewards, there's also a small bonus in doing that - I'll be getting a daily airdrop of GLX tokens by staking SPS!

The price of SPS has been coming down for so long that there is certainly room above for it to grow.


When it comes to the actual gameplay, Splinterlands is still the best one out there in my opinion. My new approach isn't taking anything from the Splinterfun but instead, all these activities and investments mentioned above are adding a new level of interest.

I really like to write about monsters and tactics and haven't been covering the financial side of the game for ages. With the new set of investments, I think I could see myself doing that a bit more often - until then, I would really appreciate any advice in the comment field!

Thank you for reading!


This was not financial advice


Thumbnail background image made with Canva Other pictures are screenshots from Splinterlands, Peakmonsters, Splintercards, and Hive-Engine

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