Trading Splinterlands Cards - So Many Opportunities!

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What's up, Splinter family!

Just the other day I watched this interesting video made by @achim03 and was inspired to take my own Splinterlands trading game up a notch.

One thing he mentioned in the video was the fact that owning many prints of a certain card allows us to take a profit by selling only some of them.

I must admit that I never thought of it that way but it sure is a great advantage compared to owning a high-priced Legendary card. Sure, the price can go up and you can make a nice profit but with a bunch of cheaper cards, you should have more possibilities to benefit from the increase in price.

Owning multiple copies of specific cards and trading them is more like owning a particular cryptocurrency allowing us to sell in smaller portions and kinda DCA the possible way up.

What Did I Get?

In my last week post I was writing about getting into pools, flipping legendary cards, staking SPS, and renting out. So, inspired by Achims video, I decided to add a bit more to my SPL investments and this time into cards that I believe will increase in value in the future.

Here are some of those:


I often use this Life splinter monster as a tank unit when the mana cap is lower in battles. I find its Shield ability quite useful against melee and ranged units and even on level 1 its stats are pretty decent as you can see below.


I would kinda like to compare Chaos Knight to Living Lava whose price took off at some point being at $2.28 at the moment. Of course, I'm not expecting Chaos Knight's price to reach that high since Lava is a rare card and there are much fewer copies in circulation.

Still, I believe there might be similar demand for it as time goes by, and if there wouldn't be competition from the upcoming editions.

Giant Killer and Inspire are also interesting abilities to gain by upgrading so that could also create some demand in the future.

  • Bought 5 cards for $0.055 (69.966 DEC) each


This monster should always have loyal fans, at least I'm one! Creeping Ooze doesn't get any extra abilities when upgraded and it's not the Furious Chicken but it's a pretty unique monster when you want to slow down the enemy with low mana cost.


The last six months show its price has been quite volatile. Currently at $0.74 but it has reached a price as high as $2.95 in that period of time.


  • I bought three cards for $0.810 (1,033.559 DEC) each and by looking at this chart I think the timing was pretty good actually. If it should go even lower I think I might add some more Ooze.

Oh, one interesting thing that could have an effect on the Creeping Ooze demand and price is the multiplier of production points used with the Land.


This got me thinking I might look out for cheap cards from the older editions or at least hold on to those I already own.


When the printing of the latest reward cards ended, there was a big spike in their price. Some of the prices have settled since then while some cards have maintained their value better than others - for example, the price of epic reward cards such as Uraeus, Djinn Renovan, and Djinn Chwala is still relatively high. Nevertheless, I missed the opportunity for all rarities.

Now I feel like there might be a second chance to acquire some common ones again at lower prices. I got my eye on the Pelacor family and specifically on Pelacor Conjurer, Pelacor Bandit, and Pelacor Mercenary.

Here is the price development of Pelacor Conjurer for the past 6 months. You can see the spikes where the price almost tripled from $0.013 to $0.036.


There are A LOT of these cards in circulation - 1,804,238 flying around. Still, it's an interesting and useful card if we check out the stats and abilities of a maxed-out monster. In addition to Flying, this one will also receive Magic Reflect, Divine Shield, and Phase when upgraded to max level. All this for the cost of just 2 mana. Damn.


I couldn't resist the $0.016 price and bought 23 regular ones and 3 gold foil cards at the price of $0.455.

  • At the moment a regular is at $0.019 and the GF at $0.5.

The same thing with the other two Pelacors mentioned, they are almost screaming to be upgraded and that will eventually create demand for these cards.

PELACOR BANDIT doesn't get any extra abilities along the way but just take a look at the attack strength and speed of the maxed-out bandit!


PELACOR MERCENARY on the other hand will get the Heal on level 6 and Retaliate when maxed-out.



Then there are cards I THOUGHT I should buy but was a bit late.

One of those many cards I apparently slept on was Gargoya Devil. Some time ago I found myself using this monster more and more in battles. Being a Neutral unit it can be used with all the splinters and besides that, its Close Range ability makes it quite useful with certain rulesets.


I guess many other players have noticed the benefits of owning one or two of these as well since their price has gone up from ~$0.01 to as high as $0.054.


Great card I would very much like to FOMO in but as for now, I just keep monitoring its price development.

And Some Legendary Acquisitions

Also, just recently I bought a few Legendary cards from the lower end of the market. With a budget of about $5, I'm very happy with these four monsters.

I consider Legendary monsters more of a long-term investment. I think(hope) that their demand will increase in the future because of the Land expansion - players are going to need them to work the land and upgrade them.

This could potentially add demand for Chaos Legion era reward cards even though there are much more of them circulating out there compared to Untamed ones.

Their rental value ain't that high so I'm going to use them in my gameplay and as Legendary monsters, they also provide a nice amount of much-needed power.


|Card|DEC|$| |-|-|-| |Djinn Oshannus|2,305.191|1.914| |Djinn Biljka x2|1,385.042 (each)|1.150 (each)| |Harklaw|1,385.042|1.150|


Sometimes you have to sell the cards you like to get the cards you want.

This is something I remember reading in those short messages right before battles and this is exactly what I did.

I took a chance and sold the airdropped Lily Shieldpaw, a legendary summoner that I really liked to get cheaper cards. My plan is to sell some of those for profit and hopefully be able to buy back the Lily card.

  • I sold Lily for $27.500 and remember it has since reached ~$36 but is now back at ~$27.


I bought some other cards too but this getting to be a quite long post so I won't be analyzing those this time but if you are interested, they are:

  • Tenyii Striker x 3
  • Chaos Agent x 3
  • Venari Crystalsmith x 5
  • Life Sapper x 3
  • Cursed Windeku x 3
  • Pelacor Arbalest x 3
  • Sea Monster
  • Uraeus x 2
  • Disintegrator x 3
  • Stich Leetch x 3

Maybe I'll do a follow-up post in a couple of months or so to take a look at which ones were a hit and which ones were a miss. One thing is for sure though, all of these are great assets in the actual gameplay while waiting for that increase in demand.

In the long run, I'm sure there will be bad calls and missed opportunities but also some wins because a strategy like this is pretty much the same as I'm using with other crypto investments - not putting all the eggs in the same basket but instead having a spread portfolio.

Interesting to see how the Souldbound cards will affect the prices of CL & reward cards if any. Also, Land and the upcoming new edition, Rebellion, with many other factors will have an impact on the prices as well.

Time will tell how it goes but at the moment I feel like a kid in a candy store!

Thanks for reading!



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