CUB Finance Outlook and can we hit the 18 Million Dollar Zone Today?

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2 years ago - 2 minutes read

The fees are going down and the money comes

CUB Finance attracts money like a moth to a flame. In the last few days the USDT and BUSD pool farm was set to inactive. Since I am trying to manage the risk of price drops, I am building a stake with stable coins on the side. Similar to how a bank has to keep $ reserves, I try to keep a certain percentage in dollars. The dollar pools on cub finance were very interesting, because here you even got a high return. Usually you are only used to the problems with the fiat currencies, but with an additional return, this is to get over.


But the pools have now been closed and I had to look for an alternative. The farm area on CUB Finance now offers enough alternatives, the most obvious is probably the USDT/BUSD pool. Here you get even a nice return and I will look at the next few days more closely. I have parked my dollars in the CUB/BUSD pool for now. The high APR and the multiplier of 50 are really another level. Today I tested to withdraw something from the CUB/BUSD pool and it worked. From 10 CAKE LP became CUB and BUSD again and without problems and delay.


So it's worth keeping an eye on this platform and parking your money there. Thanks to the innovations on this platform, a lot of money has been accumulated in the last few days. The price for a CUB has now also risen again and maybe we have now seen the bottom. If I now test the other interesting pools, then I'll let you know and until then happy accumulating.


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