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Welcome to the Sunday Bro Newspaper! We're your go-to source for the latest and greatest happenings on the Hive Blockchain, delivered with a fresh and lighthearted perspective. Whether you're sipping your morning coffee or lounging on a lazy Sunday afternoon, we've got you covered with a mix of Hive news, gossip, and crypto updates that are sometimes serious, sometimes just for fun, and always everything in between.

While we don't have any groundbreaking news to report this week, we're still dedicated to keeping you informed and entertained. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride with us. Don't hesitate to join us for your weekly dose of news and fun. We promise you won't be disappointed!


Hey Bro readers, have you heard the news? Leofinance has finally opened the alpha of their Everything app! Remember Project Blank with its separate token? Well, it's morphed into something even better, if we have to believe @leofinance that is. It is now an app where everything is possible, from microblogging to posting photos of your knitting project. And it's not just financially related content anymore. Hey, that's new! But yeah, leofinance says that the beauty of web3 is that everything is financially related. And that's a fact of course. "Monetize the shit out of everything", to use the slogan of someone I know here on Hive.

Now, I'll be honest, I haven't written about Leofinance in a while. The developments took longer than expected and many people lost patience along the way. But no matter the past, this is a big step forward, and as supporters of everything HIVE-related, we at Bro are excited to see this progress.

And to find the GOSH airdrop in my wallet, that was actually what brought me to writing about this news today. Are you now wondering what that's all about? Well, it's connected to the Everything app, or Project Blank as it was previously known. To understand why GOSH was created by @acidyo, you need to know what's going on with the app.

And of course it's always important to stay informed about what's happening within the Hive Blockchain. So, check out the links and get up to speed on the latest developments! Who knows, you might even like it and want to give the app a try. The possibilities are endless.


Ready to move on to the next part of our newspaper? First we're going to check our Hive Fun Question from last week.

Would you rather do a high-paying job that you hate, or a low-paying job that you love? And why?

Wow, that was a great surprise to see so many answers on the question this week. Thank you each and everyone of you for taking the time to participate! But as you know, there can only be one winner. And the answer that wins the 20 Hive came this week from none other than @enginewitty. We loved this answer, sweet, short but straight to the point! Congrats!

And I hope that you all know that we appreciate everyone for taking part in our little fun hive question! So ... are you all ready for the new question?

The question I'm asking you this week is as follows:

Most people receive their salary once a month. But given the choice, would you still want to receive your paycheck once a month, or would you rather have it weekly, or even once a year in a large payment? And what would be your reasoning for that particular choice?

Since you guys seem more interested in financial related questions, I keep it at that for now, it's up to you if that will be changed again. If you're reading this for the first time, by just answering the question in the comments below you have a chance to win 20 Hive. If you're reading this every week ... well, you know the drill!

The answer that attracts us most wins the 20 Hive.
Go get'm!


  • You won't believe what @opidia thinks is so special, "being "naked in her clothes"! I mean, come on, aren't we all technically naked in our clothes? Unless you have your underwear glued to your body of course. But isn't this a bit like saying you're breathing in air while wearing a scuba suit. Anyways, let's give Opidia some credit for trying to make every guy in The Mancave going crazy, and make something ordinary sound super fancy. Keep on being naked in your clothes, Opidia, you crazy trendsetter.

  • Uh oh, there was @raymondspeaks again. He really knows how to make a statement. This week he declared that the only thing bigger than his heart is his Willy". I mean, that's quite a claim, Ray! I'm not sure if Ray's hoping to impress anyone with that information, but I think he might need a reality check. Don't get me wrong, Ray's absolutely a great guy, but I highly doubt his "Willy" is bigger than his heart, or even a small potted plant for that matter. Let's just stick to talking about your big heart, Ray, and leave the rest to the imagination, shall we?

  • Here at The Mancave we like to tease Ray, he is often the butt of our jokes. It's not that we seriously think Ray is that stupid, if that were the case we wouldn't have invested in BRO. But there are such things. I've been told he once tried to make a sandwich with a blow dryer, and I can imagine Ray wearing two different shoes with ease only to notice when he's in a large public setting.

    It's impossible not to laugh at him, but the truth is that we certainly really appreciate him for who he is. It may also be said that Ray, even if that is not always his intention, brings an always cheerful note to The Mancave. In a world where everything can feel so serious, having Ray around is a reminder that it's okay to laugh at ourselves and embrace our quirks.

    So yes, we can fool Ray, but it should be clear that we are certainly happy to have him in our midst.

  • So, I was chatting in discord last week when I stumbled upon @bearbear613. At first, it was all nice talk, but then bear leaned in and whispered to me, "Psst, let me tell you a secret. I'm going to NFT some art that will blow your ass, sorry, I mean blow mind." I was surprised. I mean, did you know bears could even use the internet, let alone get involved in the world of NFTs? But hey, who am I to judge? If this bear can create some ass, I mean mind-blowing art, then more power to him! Just one piece of advice for bear: make sure you don't accidentally sell a picture of your own ass as an NFT, even though that would be really mind-blowing.


Of course there is a lot more news regarding the crypto world. Every week I will highlight some interesting news for you.

I hope you enjoyed this issue of the Brofund Newspaper.

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