Officially Announcing BROFI - In Partnership with ARCHON & DHEDGE

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2 years ago - 3 minutes read

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Thankfully, @taskmanager has let me off my leash to speak about this now, hah! But please note, I am required to tell you that we are still in the testing phase, so things may not be as perfect as they should be (yet). We are still working out the kinks,


Introducing BROFI, in partnership with ARCHON & DEHEDGE.

BROFI is hive's very own on-chain DEFI project where you can earn BRO for delegating either Hive, or your tribe tokens to @brofi. There is zero risk to this because of DPOS. You will always own your tokens, you will never send any into us, only delegate them to us, and you can remove that at any time if you aren't happy or have something else you want to do with them.

What has archon and dhedge got to do with this?

To cut a long story short I needed something new and unique for BRO and it was @taskmanager who came to me with the idea of BROFI. I loved it so much that I paid him right away to start work on it.

The results were so phenomenal, so unique, and so awesome, that I wanted his projects to share in the proceeds with what he created. That means not only will you be seeing increased BRO drips, but you will also be seeing increased DHEDGE drips. Cool huh?!

How does it work?

Okay, so, all you need do is delegate Hive, or a tribe token to @brofi to earn daily BRO. That's it. That's all. There is no upper or lower limit. You may delegate the lowest denominator of one of your coins and watch the divs come in! Granted, they wont be big divs, but you can compound them all the same if you wish!

There are several pools where users can delegate to ranked highest to lowest. The top pool receives the most share and then the pot reduces by 50% every move down.

BRO holders can vote on which pools they wish to see at the top. These votes are weight based, so your vote will have significant impact if you are a large holder as opposed to a small holder.

How can you vote? Join here: https://discord.gg/wqtpccRS2Z

Remember though, you must own BRO to vote!

What happens to BRO? Aren't we a limited coin?

Yup, we are. BRO is limited to a certain number. I gifted the token pool ~1600 BRO to use and you will be paid daily from that. The daily pot in total is around 15 BRO or thereabouts.

We replenish the pool by buying BRO back off the market with our curations from your delegations.

You can also vote who @brofi follows in its curations. Just check in our discord how to do that.

Also, myself and DHEDGE take a percentage from the top of our earnings. We will be using a large portion of that to go back into our drips. Part of the Brofund earnings will be going into Brofundholdings for future stake and future projects (devs need paid!).

Buy BRO? Delegate to BRO? Sell BRO? Compound BRO? What should I do? Argh!

Well, this is the great game we play. The choice is yours and there are so many ideas to choose from!

Another great idea would be to look at what tribes are high on the BROFI list and are cheap to buy into. Then Delegate!

The options are endless :)

At the end of the day I am a hive maximalist and anything that I do will to be to benefit our ecosystem! Now, and in the future :)

Peace out, enjoy divs!

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