Ways to earn with The Man Cave Project

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The Man Cave Project
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So you're new to the ecosystem, you wade into The Man Cave Project and want to knows cool new ways to earn our token. After all, you liked the logo, the mission, or just the way it sounds. You've heard about it but you're not quite sure what the hell it does. I think I can summarize what we do here in the cave in just one sentence.

Earn tokens on your tokens on your tokens on your tokens

I laughed about this on my last post in the comments section, but it's entirely true. We try to find more and more ways to earn passive income on the hive blockchain for you guys.

The easiest way to get into our ecosystem would be to straight up buy one of our tokens. On hive engine, boom. There. LGN, BRO, or Cine, and you can start earning that way through writing, stake or pooling via Cine, or through simply holding LGN or BRO.

Make sure you check out the ecosystems of our projects before investing in them. Do your research! And make sure it's something that you want to do.

Earn our tokens via @brofi

You can earn some tasty BRO tokens by delegating some of that much needed HP to @brofi - we give out our curation rewards daily on this plus a little added extra. So if we curated 600 Hives worth that day then we'll give out 600 Hive's worth of BRO. Right now it's usually about $50 worth of BRO we give out daily as that's what our curation amounts to daily.

I fill it up with BRO. Then wallah, you get your BRO daily. I have to buy it off the market.

Earn Hive & LGN through holding BRO

If you hold BRO then we give out weekly hive and daily LGN. The airdrop for LGN is 1 BRO:2 Legion. The idea being that legion will be our economy token, and one that we will use in our future projects as utility. With Hive you will earn weekly and currently we are averaging between 200 & 400 Hive per week.

Earn Hive through holding LGN

You can hold LGN and earn yourself some Hive at the end of the month. It varies every month but since we started we've given out a fair bit.

Earn LGN through staking to our Cine Pool

We've added quite a bit of LGN rewards to our Cine staking pool. We'll update this too come next month. Right now you can earn a good stake of LGN by holding in our Cine pool.

You can access all of this and more by using tribaldex.com.

There are many ways to earn through us

Or you can just sit on our discord and play with our cryptoshots bot that gives out random rewards daily to people that interact with it.

Much more coming to our discord in the future that's for sure.

Remember and vote our witness if you like us! -> @brofund