Guidelines on how to purchase splinterlands tokens for the newbies on the Hive Platform

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10 months ago - 3 minutes read

Happy sunday famz....

The recent announcement of splinterlands partnership with the Emp.Money defi project made me realize splinterlands is no longer a game played by only hiveans, we have people that are new to the hive platform and would love to explore, they find transactions involving splinterlands and the hive blockchain difficult hence why i would be explaining some of those questions i see here...

The splinterlands game is built on the hive blockchain and the tokens of this game which are Splintershards[Sps], Dark Energy Crystals[dec] and Vouchers can be traded on Hive engine which is a market for all hive secondary tokens...

To gain access to Hive engine, you need to visit the site


You may want to install the hive keychain extension on your pc as the keychain keeps your acount safe and sign into site on your behalf once you initiate it...


To download or install keychain is quite easy, it has been added to chrome extension and you just need to turn it on and set it up by adding your hive keys to it, for mobile users you will need to download hive keychain app on playstore or apple store...

Once you are logged into hive engine, you will need hive to transact there, so you have to make some hive deposit from your hive wallet to the hive-engine wallet by using the button below...


Click on deposit and select hive as the token you want to deposit, it will bring your hive wallet information and you just need to input the amount of hive you want to deposit and you will receive it in less than 5 minutes...

You need to have hive in your hive wallet for the transaction to be successful, hive can be bought in exchanges like binance, huobi and gate.io then you withdraw to your hive wallet...

Let us purchase some dec now... Search for dec in hive engine and click on the market arrow to buy some....



After purchasing the dec on hive-engine, you need to move it to splinterlands ingame....

Go to splinterlands page and click the button circled below..



Once the dec is deposited successfully ingame, you can use it to purchase cards and packs...

To buy cards:


Click the market circled above and you will be able to select the cards you want by using the filter button circled above as well, i would advice buying the new edition of cards[chaos] as they are cheaper..


Visit the shop section to purchase your packs, 1 pack cost 4000 dec or 4000 credits...

Incase you are a lover of packs and want to get some good cards when you open those packs, visit the shop section in-game and purchase the legendary and alchemy potions, they increased the drop rate of legendary and gold foil cards

I would stop here and probably make another post to cover another part of the game for newbies...

Drop your comment below incase you have any questions you need an answer to

Links you may need to access the hive blockchain

if you want to be a part of this week splinterlands weekly battle challenge, you can join from here

All pictures are gotten from splinterlands lore and gif credit goes to splinterlands.

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