Important things that some newbies are yet to discover about the hive platform

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Recently i had a chat with a hivean and was surprised she is yet to know about some important part of hive that will not only boost her growth but also make things easier for her on the platform hence why i decided to make this post to bring the attention of both newbies and old members who doesn't know about these things yet to start exploring them....Some do not even know there is something called tribe tokens ...

The first thing i will talk about is the hive engine where all tribe tokens we earn from posting and using various tribe communities tags are kept, incase you are still confused, leofinance, neoxiancity, are examples of community that have their own tokens leo and neoxag respectively and you can earn this token by posting through their website or using their tag... Now how do we access hive engine to check on the tokens we have...

  • log in your hive engine here
  • You will see your tokens in your wallet and you can choose to do what you want with them either by selling or staking or converting to others tokens of your choice..



  • Those six symbols have their own specific use, the first symbol(i) is for the token information and the second button takes you directly to the market where you can trade your tokens to hive and the third button is for transferring those tokens to another account, the fourth symbol is the token history which enable to check on how you have been sending and receiving a particular token and the two padlock symbols stand for staking and unstaking the tokens...

There are many ways to transfer your hive swap to your hive wallet, it is either you use the withdraw button that is on the hive engine page.

image.png but there is a one pcent fee so incase you feel that is much and you want a cheaper transaction fee, you can always use beeswap or leodex to send your swap hive to your main hive wallet, here is the link to those two site.

https://beeswap.dcity.io/ is kinda easy to use and same goes to leodex.io......

Another thing i realized newbies don't know about are the notification bot that make things easier for hiveans to know what is happening on their blog and wallet...



This is a very old bot that notify hiveans about who vote them, follow, resteem, mention, resteem or send them coins or who they did that to, it makes it easier to know about the happening on your blog without missing any info, you can also add some users for gina to notify you whenever they make a post so you won't miss it, the bot has been very helpful and i like it but recently it has been lagging behind...



The kani is specifically made to give notifications about tribe tokens transactions in our wallet , it shows post pay out and the tokens we get, it has been very helpful as it saves me time to be checking around on which token i received or which i haven't , you should register for this two bots if you don't have them yet and if you need my help in doing so, just drop a comment, i will guide you.

Gone are those days when we have many voting bots but the new development made people stop rendering voting bot services but let me surprise you, there is a voting bot that works right now and it is called neoxiancityvb, you can get this bot vote by sending some neoxag to it with your post link as memo...It takes less than 400 neoxag to get 100% vote of the bot at the moment and whenever you outbid it, it refund you, isn't that amazing?

image.png Don't waste more time, start using the bot and use that opportunity to earn more hives and tokens as hive pump made the dollars on post increase and the bot has some tribe tokens delegations too like leo and neoxag so it is a double win for the user of the bot........I will stop here for today! thanks....

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