Aquatus! Not as bad as you think! (Easy wins!)

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Hello Hivians and Splinterlanders!

I've been trying a couple of tactics on the bronze league on the lookout of the easiest way to get out of it and starting the feeling of really like playing the game and a higher level!

It's true that Riftwatchers Summoners didn't have a lot of success since their release but I've been trying the Water Summoner for some battles and I'm truly amazed by the results.

As you might have guess, the summoner with a cool and well made design, we'll be talking about Aquatus

Silver First Quest27.png


Aquatus is a 4 Mana Epic Water Riftwatchers Summoner with a unique ability: Backfire ability_backfire  Copie.png What happens is when a monster attacks and misses the target, not only no damage is occured but also takes 2 damage in return! So the goal of using this summoner is to cause enemy to miss his attacks as much as possible to proc the Backfire ability: The higher the evasion chances, the more effective Aquatus will become!

How to achieve a high dodge chance?

In order to achieve our goal we need:

  • high Speed
  • Specific abilities

It a no brainer, higher speed equals attacking first but always a higher chance for the opponent to miss and this goes according to this formula: Speed difference x 10% After the speed, we should pick up monsters that have the abilities to have an even higher evasion chance:


Never underestimate flying ability, I can't count how many shots I missed when attacking Ice Pixie! You have 25% evasion chance with this ability alone! Of course it applies to miss chances of non-flying monsters.


Dodge is a better version of flying as it applies to all monsters except magic damage (unless you got Phase) offering an additional 25% evasion chance to melee and ranged attacks!


Blind is applied on all enemy monsters since the start of the battles resulting in a 15% evasion chance to ALL friendly monsters. Don't be surprised by a 4-speed monster missing a shot on a 1-speed monster!

As a conclusion, it comes down with this formula: (Speed Difference x 10%) + 25% (Dodge) + 25% (Flying VS non-flying monsters) + 15% (Blind)

Best Synergy!

Phantom of the Abyss

Phantom of the Abyss_lv1.png

This 10-mana Legendary Monster is already a beast with those stats and generally placed on the last position to make enemy miss their Sneak attacks. When played with Aquatus as summoner, Phantom of the Abyss is perfect on the first position as it's backfire with every shot missed with both key abilities Flying and Dodge ! Here's some Maths: VS 3 Speed Monster: (3 Speed Diff) x 10% + 25% (Dodge) + 25% (Flying) = 80% Evasion chance VS 1 Speed Monster: (5 Speed Diff) x 10% + 25% (Dodge) + 25% (Flying) = 100% Evasion chance

How crazy having a 100% evasion chance! There is no way it can AND an additional 2 damage with each miss! and you'll be looking at something like this:

tinywow_20221113 164054_8114045.gif

Coeurl Lurker

Coeurl Lurker is without a doubt the most popular and expensive Legendary Riftwatchers Neutral Monster with incredible stats:

  • 4 Speed : fast enough too attack and can't dodge multiple attacks from 1-2 speed Monsters
  • Dodge offering an additional 25% evasion chance against Melee and Ranged attacks
  • Taunt forcing all attacks to be redirected to Lurker! Good luck trying to hit it!
  • Phase this is where it gets nasty! Now, Lurker can dodge Magic attacks and all evasion chances counts against magic damage dealers same to melee/ranged attacks! Knowing that most mages have low speed, Let's caunt the Misses...
  • yeah and 4 attacks sure it hurts!

Djinn Oshannus

We all know Djinn Oshannus and how annoying to play against, but if you pay attention, why the Level 2 ? I'll be taking it as a counter to Magic Damage dealers:

  • If it hits: Void will reduce its damage bu half
  • If it misses thanks to the high speed and Phase: 2 Damage shall be returned.

It doesn't mean that Oshannus is bad against non-Magic damage, high Speed and 11 Health is more than enough to sustain lots of damage as the main Tank!

A Battle to Share

battle1.PNG Mana Cap: 23 Ruleset: Armored Up Battle Link


The battle looking pretty much over in the Fire team favor but look at the result: battle3.PNG

Phantom wasn't even hit once! and Dealt more than 10 damage in Backfire Damage (in addition to the base 3 magic damage) ! Here is the Battle Link again if you wanna count how many misses occured!


Good luck hitting this :D battle4.PNG

Thanks for reading

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