My FIRST Splinterlands BRAWL Report with Hive Revolution ft SBT

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Hello dear Splinterlands and Hive community!

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When I first started playing Splinterlands, I didn't give much importance about Brawls and Guilds and didn't care to join one. However, with the introduction of the new Soulbound Summoners and the ability to use Gladius Cards in Ranked battles, it piqued my interest! 2 weeks ago I've stumbled upon @itzninjafool Guild and decided to join in!

This is my First BRAWL Report with the Hive Revolution (and my 3rd participation)

It's the Silver League All Cards Fray with a total of 8 Participants:

My last participation was a disaster, not only I didn't get my forte Elements and ended up facing much better opponents than myself, but Time for Revenge:

⚔️ Let's BRAWL ⚔️

1st Battle : WON


High Mana and Lost Magic, Possibilus the Wise would be my go-to summoner, the +2 Health plus going for Monsters with high health is the play in this Poison Ruleset, sadly I couldn't bring a monster with Cleanse Opponent went with the same water Element and bringing a level 2 Edith Emberstar into the action.

Key Elements on the Battle:

  • Relenor Cleaver seems to be synergize well with possibilus: Bloodlust + Trample
  • Placing Frost line as a sneak shield in last position did same my important monsters
  • Venari Marksrat on the Enemy team is an OP card to play on Poison Ruleset
  • Focusing the weakest enemy with opportunity was the key to win this battle

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2nd Battle : WON

brawl2.PNG For this battle I've went with the *Water + Dragon team but I had to make a sacrifice for the greater good: level 1 Drake of Arnak for the +1 Armor for better Defense and placing a Thorn Monster in the back due to Super Sneak Ruleset. Enemy went for almost with the same team using Quix the Devious as summoner

Key Point:

  • We both had Djinn Chwala in last position which is the correct answer to this ruleset
  • +1 Armor helped mitigate some of the Thorns damage
  • Relenor Cleaver was the MVP of this battle with its High Damage and lots of Tankiness (Armor++) compared to Enemy Isgald Vorst (who was forced to play as a sneak)

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3rd Battle : LOSS


I'll be honest here, I played the battle extremely poorly as I was expecting some sort of Sneak attackers by placing Harklaw on the last position. In addition to the -1 Speed Nerf from Enemy Quix made things a lot harder for my team.

Key Point:

  • Queen of Crows and Djinn Muirat are great monsters to fill the off-Tank position especially in high Mana battles: Should get at least one of those!
  • Lira The Dark is super evasive and an opportunist that destroyed my damage dealer!
  • Trapp Falloway placing was a big mistake as it was useless in this battle (same as Harklaw)

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4th Battle : LOSS


I was really confident entering this Battle: Keep your Distance + Fire and Regret means a Magic Only Battle so Picking Immortalis for the Void and Mushroom Seer for the Silence* was the play, but it was the 2nd ruleset: Tis But Scratches besides a couple of early stuns from Enemy Revealer that turned the tides AND I've learned something new:

Key Points:

  • Cripple does trigger Life Leech even when Void nullify the initial magic damage
  • Venari Marksrat was perfectly positionned to proc Martyr on Witch of Warwick, once it got Bloodlusted it was game-over
  • If it wasn't for Cripple, I would have a way higher winning chance so GG to DanniQL for this battle!

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5th Battle : WON


When I see Unprotected I play Possibilus + Opportunity, since my choices were limited by Odds Ones Out I could only put Kulu Mastermind as my sole opportnist and as I mentionned in the 1st Battle, Venari Marksrat in strategic position during Noxious Fumes Enemy went for the typical high Melee Damage Fire Team!

Key Points:

  • Unprotected = Opportunity + Possibilus
  • Possibilus +2 Health = One free Poison Round
  • Relenor Cleaver is too good when Bloodlusted in addition to Trample
  • Picking High Health Monsters in Noxious Fumes is crucial!

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6th Battle : WON


Finally Putting my Quora Towershed into action! Actually it was the first time trying it and God this card is a Monster once it gets its first Bloodlust which was the case in this battle thanks to the Aimless Ruleset... The rest was a Pure Massacre by Quora till it reached 7 Magic & 7 Melee Damage!

Key Point:

  • Place a Martyr Monster next to Quora in Aimless Ruleset for a chance to proc Martyr and buff her stats without the need of Bloodlust
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7th Battle


In this low mana battle, I did bring Possibilus and another Gladiator: Isgald Vorst while facing Lily and a higher level Isgald. I believe the Opponent didn't benefit a lot from Lily Summoners Abilities.

Key Points:

  • In my opinion, if the opponent went for a more agressive summoner, it would be his win especially in Enraged Ruleset but My Isgald getting the 1st Bloodlust was the turning point of this battle
  • Frost Lion on the last position is a great meatshield for just 2 Mana
  • That Double Bloodlust with Trample!
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8th Battle


Opponent Fled! I take it for the free win :D

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Here is the Result of my Brawls:

brawl1 (1).png

  • I'm really happy with my performance in these battles and did learn from my mistakes to make myself a better competitor in the next Brawls.
  • Using Gladius Cards was really a huge factor in most of my wins, thus making the new Soulbound Summoners even more important to acquire
  • Moreover, look at the rewards! I could never get 788 Merits and 10 SPS from 8 Battles in Silver!

Shoutout to @itzninjafool and Thanks for letting me in the Guild and if you want to know more about the Project SBT: check out @sbtofficial (you'll find the discord link too)

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Good luck Have Fun on your Splinterlands Battles!

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