Thanks POB, CTP And Leo bought my brother's medications.

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In my country the economy changes prices every day, hitting people's pockets, they increase not only the prices of food, but also of medicines, making them inaccessible to people every day. But this is added to the epidemic that the world is experiencing, which is Covid-19, where apart from causing the economy of a country to collapse more than it already is.

11 days ago at my house we were with great concern, my brother started with a strong fever, where he was understanding the medicine but nothing to lower the fever, the doctor sent him to do a blood test since he did not have the flu or cough, But he has a history of asthma. The Dr sent him a treatment since he presented as a viral flu or a lung infection that was not yet confirmed with X-rays, since my brother felt that he was short of air and it was difficult to breathe, the pulxiometer gave a result of 98% oxygenation in the blood being a good sign, but what was not understood was his fever with nine days.

The Dr. sent him a treatment where it was a long list that the only thing I felt was how he would buy those medicines, since here in my country medicines are too expensive, I made a post asking for a donation, I did it in a short way because I was scared a little scared of the treatment that they sent her that was a prediagnosis of a lung infection, that night when I went to bed I only asked God that if I did not receive donations from people, it was because God would help me to have that money, otherwise, never post asking for donation, but had already spent money.

How to get medicines

I did not get donations, but I do vote and I reblog thanks to all the people who voted for me and supported me in my post. In the morning I saw my wallet had 344 CTP, 87 POB that a total between them gave me 57 $, in turn had 48 Leo, but I must leave for the expenses of the food house. I decided to make the change everything for my brother's health, I visited the three pharmacies that exist in my town, since we live in a small town, at least one of the three I found all the medicines that the Dr sent my brother, I bought The vast majority of them, I was missing was for a Vitamin cocktail (1 amp. Vitamin C, B, folic acid and 0.9% serum), as the medications are for 10 days, buy first for five days, but I know that for this week I will be able to buy the other missing drugs with the rewards of the posts that I have published, with God I will lack nothing.

CTP 344 CTP 4 $ image.png

POP 87 $ 53 image.png

medicamentos junior.jpg A total of $ 55 spent on medications Thanks to Ctp and POB rewards.


Every day I thank God for being on a platform that has helped me get ahead. Today I want to thank each person for the support they give me by giving me a vote, each one is important to me, To the platforms where I live, such as Hive, leofinance, Cintv, Ctptalk, proofofbrain, without them I don't know where I would be today, I know that many help me to cover the expenses of food and medicine.

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