A Weak Moment Turns Into An Investment

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I had a weak moment last night and I still feel bad about it. I had been bogged down with a project for 16 hours yesterday and hadn't really moved from my computer.

I didn't even notice that DEC was pumping and I dipped onto my Splinterlands account and decided to buy a pack. Its something that I don't do.

I had accumulated 35 chaos legion packs and planned to keep them forever (ish) because Im a terrible player. But ever since the "Big Changes" where you can't play with starter cards and earn, Ive been opening my packs.

I had none left and was determined to replenish my stash. So I impulsively bought my first single pack to start my journey back to 35. I had zero.

I've been wanting to stack DEC instead because I feel it is going to peg but I was weak. So I bought the damn pack and stashed it. (For like 3 minutes) Then I opened it.

I saw something shaking and really didn't know what that was and it turned out to be some card named Baakjira. I know nothing about it began to research and it was one of the airdrop cards I wasn't eligible to receive so I feel lucky.

I also got a card I did not have before with the Hunter Jarx. That seems to have some value. So having come off the defeat of recently opening all my packs to have none, to wasting juicy DEC on another and succumbing to opening said pack, I feel ok.

I turned my weak moment into an investment and thought to myself, that's what hive is all about. You can lose but it is very tough to do in the long run.

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