Did I Pick The Wrong Play To Earn Game Or What?

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Even though I bought a couple of steemmonster starter packs back in the day, I never started playing Splinterlands. The reason was simple, I couldn't figure out how to play.

When gameplay started I would open up the dashboard and I was completely overwhelmed and I couldn't understand the few tutorials I was able to find online. And because there was no easy to use search function on steemit, I quickly got left behind the other pioneers who were advancing in the game. It always bothered me. Not that I wasn't playing, but that I had tried and couldn't figure it out.

So when Alien Worlds started I paid little attention to it because I wasn't a gamer and the descriptions of the metaverse were too confusing for me. But as I saw more people posting about it on hive I began to understand it a little more and gave it a shot. It was simple. You sign up, they give you an avatar and a shovel and you press a button and earn trillium.

In fact, it was so simple that I even spun back to splinterlands to see if it was easier than I thought, but it wasn't lol so I gave up. But Alien Worlds was easy and I eventually mined a few other basic tools and earned more trillium. It was easy, and very boring. But I was addicted. I started about 6 weeks after the game launched and I was just a little too late to mine good NFTS but I managed to get 1.

But as I played I didn't realize that most of my missions failed, I got tons of mining errors and I was constantly having to stake more Wax for processing time. These things seemed normal and I was unaware of the abuse I was taking. It was growing pains I told myself. I made plenty of excuses for the game and I spent a ton of time at my computer waiting to press the button.

Alien Worlds was the biggest play to earn game and it had a lot of momentum but it was a total stinker but they got me hooked. Im even mining right now for like .004 trillium when I don't get some weird error. I need to leave this worthless relationship.

After the Splinter Airdrop started I was determined to learn to play Splinter no matter what and I learned that while it isn't easy, it isnt impossible. It's also a zillion times more profitable than Alien Worlds. It made me understand how great the Hive blockchain was and it got me excited to be a Hivian once again. I've been here on steem/hive for over 4 years and nobody from the crypto world was even considering us a mainstream blockchain. But it turns out we're the best one!

When I think of the time I have spent pressing a button on Alienworlds and not even getting my transactions through it makes me sick. Had my second foray back into splinterlands stuck, I would have been playing religiously for several months before the air drop and probably enjoying a lot more success.

I have 2 good Alien Worlds NFTs and I'm seriously considering selling them and buying whatever Splinterlands assets I can. I have a weird emotional attachment to my Alien Worlds NFTS because, well, I don't know why. Maybe I feel like the game has to improve and I'll need those but Splinterlands is a real game now and can't be stopped. If I understand more about where to put my money with Chaos coming up I would do it in a heartbeat but chaos and economics is confusing.

If there were no upcoming chaos I would simply sell my Alienworlds NFTs and buy Splinter cards. But I have no idea which cards will be used and in demand for chaos so I'll just wait it out. But boy, did I ever pick the wrong game to focus my time and attention on. Alien Worlds is a Dud!

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