Investing In Splinterlands Cards For The First Time!

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Today I got really bored and couldn't control my desire to own some Splinterlands cards. I originally bought starter packs from Steemmonsters when the game started but nothing since.

I had won some chaos legion packs and opened them last while I swore to myself I never would. I didn't get anything great but technically I broke even.

So earlier today I opened my last remaining packs and I didn't get any value. So I decided to spend $20 via paypal for credits and buy some of the Water and Neutral cards I'm using to play.

Im the world's worst splinterlands player and wasn't able to win a single chest after the big switch so I started to Bot. It's really fun and I'm learning about the cards. While I know the ROI is better on renting, I just really wanted to own the cards I use.

So here is what I bought for $20. (I feel dumb, but satisfie)

1. Battering Ram $.96 2. Zenith Archer $.509 3. Zenith Monk $.578 4. Uraeus $.17 5. Captains Ghost $1.15 6. Kelp Initiate $1.98 7. Nerissa Tridawn $1.97 8 Ice Pixie $4.98 9 Torrent Fiend $4.49 10 Kelya Frendul $2.40

There are others I wanted including: Serpent of Eld, Axemaster, Djinn Oshannus, Even Mystic & Furious Chicken but didn't pull the trigger. I'm still hoping I can win a Djinn Oshannus in a chest.

I had some cards I could have sold to pay for my splurge but I held on to them. I have some low value chaos gold cards and some alpha cards but not sure if I should sell them to stack up on unopened packs.

I'd love to hear what you thought of my purchases and what I should do with my old cards that I dont use in the comments.

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