Investing In Splinterlands: The Give & Take

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9 months ago - 2 minutes read

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I'm really starting to get interested in Splinterlands again and the only reason is a bot. I know that sounds weird and counterintuitive, but it is true.

Once the new rewards system came out I went 2 seasons without being able to win a single chest of any kind. I was disheartened and quit.

But now with a bot, I'm having fun and learning the game. I'm investing in cards and learning what lineups work. It's a big challenge for me because even though I was able to win matches before chaos legion dropped, I still consider myself one of the worst Splinterlands players.

One of the things that is happening for me is that I'm renting cards and finding that I really want them. Buying them is a bad ROI but they are still relatively cheap. I'm specifically talking about Ice Pixie, Oshannus, Axemaster, Serpent of Eld and a few others.

These cards seem to really work in Bronze where I dwell and while I win very low level rewards, the rent on these cards fluctuate.

I have purchased a few packs to see what I get and they don't really pencil out with regard to ROI. So my question is this.

Can You Make Money By Selling Old Cards at a Loss?

It is an idea I have been chewing on but I don't know if it makes sense. I have 3 Alpha Alrics that I don't use. I know they are valuable cards but the price is way down. I'm wondering if it wise to sell one of those and buy all the cards that I want to play with so I don't have to rent them.

If the community says yes, it will be hard because I've these cards for so long but in Modern I don't see a real need for Alric at bronze.

I also dont know what effect Riftwatchers will have. It could very well cancel out the need for some of the cards I referenced above that doing quite well. I know it's all a gamble but it's also an investment.

I'd love to hear thoughts in the comments.

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