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I tried appics at the beginning and it didn't seem to pan out. I'm willing to try again but I liked that other "instagram" clone we had. I can't remember the name but it failed and I thought that was tragic.

As usual, I'm grinding away on hive and am completely paralyzed. No clue how to leverage things. Im 100% liquid at the moment with no idea what to do lol. What makes it worse is hive at $1 which makes me wonder about the whole hive/hbd scenario.

I would like to take advantage of polycub as well and have little understanding of how to best leverage that or remain in plain ole leo.

I constantly amaze myself with how little I understand after 4.5 years on this chain. At least with hive I can't ever lose. I just might know enough to take advantage of the opportunities to earn more. I just need project blank to hurry up!

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