Earn Sats By Curating On Lightning Stores

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Bitcoin has made it so much easier to earn and receive money regardless of where you are in the world, there is no need to have a specific ID, bank account, or permissions.

If you are able to do the work or complete the task, you should get paid. Today millions of satoshis are zipping around the internet, to all corners of the world as sites that leverage bitcoin attract skills to help them build out their service or business model.

Earning bitcoin is becoming a lot more common and this is only going to improve with time.

Become a paid curator

If you have some spare time and you have a Twitter account and a Lightning wallet, and you would like to turn that time into some bitcoin, why not spend some time being a Lightning Stores curator?

Lightning Stores is a website that curates all the businesses, apps, websites, and services that leverage the Lightning Network and accept bitcoin as a payment method. The website accepts contributions from the public and you can be one of them, similar to the way people contribute to sites like Wikipedia, Quora, Stackoverflow or GitHub.


How it works

The process is like contributing to Wikipedia but you get paid in bitcoin. Payments are sent every day at 9am UTC. You can track the activity of the currency contributors section of the site and the pending daily payments shown in the balance section of this dashboard.

Contributions are paid out as follows, so if you happen to perform one of the following tasks successfully, you will get paid.

  • Sats per tag: 30
  • Sats per edit: 57
  • Sats per builder: 59
  • Sats per image: 144
  • Sats per delisting: 300
  • Sats per listing: 1000

You will then need to wait a full day but then you can withdraw your sats and hold it in your Lightning wallet.

Screenshot 2023-01-29 at 09.19.10.png

Check it out here and get in touch with the team to become a contributor.

Withdrawing your funds

While not recommended you can begin work and your funds can build up in Lightning Stores while you figure out a plan of action to have them withdrawn from the site. Your first option would be to get a Lightning-enabled wallet, depending on how skilled you are in using Lightning you could use your own node and non-custodial wallet pairing.

If not and you're still starting out, a custodial wallet should do the trick for now, you can always move those funds to the main-chain later, if you have enough or simply spend it with someone who accepts lightning to get something for the funds you've earned.

For Hive users

If you don't have a Lightning wallet but still wish to participate, you can use the v4v.app instead when withdrawing your sats, simply create an invoice when withdrawing from Lightning Stores and then point that invoice to your HIVE account.

Your funds will be withdrawn from Lightning Stores and you can convert them into HIVE and hold it in your HIVE wallet instead.

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