Chad the Cosmo Brownie (New WeedCash NFT)

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a year ago - 1 minutes read

Hello everyone! Welcome to my new NFT announcement post! I recently got myself whitelisted for minting NFTs on the WeedCash network. I decided to use this opportunity to start my own NFT collection, called Freshly Baked.

What are Freshly Baked NFTs?

Freshly Baked is a collection of magical weed edibles on the WeedCash Network. Hand designed by @choof, these fellas are far from perfect, but they sure know how to party!

Where to Find Them?

Freshly Baked NFTs are quite rare, but can often be found in their natural habitat roaming around the WeedCash network marketplace.

Chad the Cosmo Brownie

Listing: https://www.weedcash.network/nfts/choof_freshly-baked_chad-the-cosmo-brownie Total Editions: 20

Chad is the second ever Freshly Baked NFT! While hard to imagine, Chad is best described as:

"Chad the Cosmo Brownie" is a biological phenomenon capable of space travel. He converts excess THC into jet fuel, which he exhales through the cherry of his joint. Chad goes speeedy