Mexican lawmakers advance bill to legalize recreational cannabis

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Looks like it’s time to move mountains and change the foundation of laws that entrapped people for using substances,

President Reagan, I think the war on drugs could of been won if you just made them legal and not criminalize people for smoking a joint.

Finally Mexico will push ahead with the marijuana legalization in 2021. (Finally) The end of prohibition could help quell the country's narco-violence—and also give it a leg up on the US in the emerging global cannabis market.

Maybe super cheap weed since Mexico is a huge market in the herb, this should also levitate the war on drugs and the status of being a 3rd world country.

Adults could use marijuana without affecting others or children, but if caught with more than one ounce (28 grams) they would be fined. They could face jail time if they had more than 12 pounds (5.6 kilograms).