Bitcoin will be listed on the Nasdaq in the coming months

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2 months ago - 2 minutes read

Bitcoin is increasingly at the center of the interest of institutions that have an interest in buying the cryptocurrency but are currently at a standstill due to the many doubts regarding its regulation. For this reason Nasdaq will launch a custody service by the middle of this year, effectively paving the way for massive investments by global institutions, as well as large private companies.

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Nasdaq represents an important step for Bitcoin as it would guarantee access to potentially billions of dollars of investment, making it safer for large investors to exchange and hold the cryptocurrency. The Nasdaq has a long history of working with regulators and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements, helping to resolve many concerns on the subject and driving greater adoption of digital assets. BTC will be tasked with paving the way for other cryptocurrencies on the Nasdaq exchange as well!

Other large operators in the financial sector, such as Fidelity Investments and Bank of New York Mellon, have also launched cryptocurrency custody services in recent years and the competition, as always, is very positive as it would create the conditions for offering more services at lower costs , also incentivising small investors who are still uncertain in this matter. Furthermore, the landing of Bitcoin on the American stock exchange is certainly an incredible sponsor for cryptocurrencies, which would lose that deep media hatred and really begin to be considered as alternative investments.

In his speech at the DC Blockchain Summit, Auerbach, vice president of Nasdaq's Digital Assets Division, stressed that Nasdaq's entry into the cryptocurrency space is not a fad or trend, but a long-term strategic decision. This news is extremely bullish not only for Bitcoin but for the entire crypto market as it is the confirmation that the direction now taken is the right one and it has now become a very attractive asset for the market.

Next year there will also be the next halving and we will most likely see a new bull run.

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